About Us


Hello everyone! I’m Poorni. Thank you for visiting here. Currently I’m following bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I’m so much in love with crafting projects and home cooking pretty much more than just a hobby its becomes more important to me. And then I decided to share my passion with everyone via Rapid Home Art, and if you asking me why I choose the name its because during busy daily life quickly and easy foods or decorators can be made in your home by yourself instead of buying things. In here I want to share that.

In my personality I prefer to do things in my own and to indicate how much I care for people whom I love I choose to cook by myself or create a card by myself. Yes it become tiring sometimes but all that my worries flew away once I saw surprising faces and hearing great comments. For me the most satisfying part of making any thing that I will able to see smiley faces of people in my life. I personally believe that thing can make any relationship in our lives become much stronger, I can show how much I care for them while other party able to understand how much effort I put on. 

And also I want to make sweet home sweet concept to be real. Home, family, love and foods all come together as one. Today less and less time spend within family, so quickly easy home art can brings everyone together. We can have wonderful chit chat with family when making a dish or having tea, and I’m with that purpose share those lovely experience with you to enjoy time with your loved ones in a meaningful way. Most importantly I’m from middle class family and I know the value of money. Sooo all my recipes and crafts comes from where special equipment and pricy ingredients doesn’t required. Even so most reliable price we can afford a good meal or craft, that’s the thing I want to prove you.

Through I’m the one who make foods and other things my dearest is the one backing me up in everything, actually this is his idea to start a blog and now we both work together on this. The recipes in here was all I made at my home and tasted within my family and friends. Also I would like to share our identical recipes as much as I can and I will try my best to gather them. In here I used most of my mother’s recipes. My mother is a housewife and she has great culinary skills just like a professionalist. My most of childhood memories is combined with my mother’s foods and I followed her as a child doing simple things (to be recalled correctly it was more than a mess instead of helping I guess) so I think its passion of her drive me so influenced with home art and I’m really feel grateful. So come join with me in the journey of Rapid Home Art to celebrate Home Sweet Home