All Natural & Very Healthy Woodapple Jam


Hello my dear friends, as you know by the tittle today I’m back with yet another fruit jam recipe, its non-other than the Woodapple Jam. Woodapple or elephant-apple (Botanically called Limonia acidissima) is my one of favorites fruits which can easily found in Sri Lanka.

The frequent fruit contain delicious meat similar in taste to sweet tamarind fruit covered with a hard outer shell, so you have to open it by cracking the shell. To be honest, your first impression of fruit might be not good, but you have to try it; trust me you won’t be disappointed once you get a spoonful of fruit because it is that great. In here we often use it to make Woodapple Juice, Woodapple Milk, jam and for make desserts like pudding, ice cream etc.

Woodapple; itself can consider as a full of nutrient content fruit which is rich in crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, sodium, potassium, manganese and Vitamin C. [according to an article published in the Indian Journal of Science based on an analysis from the University of Agricultural Sciences (Bengaluru)] Fruit can provide health benefits like;

  • As an energy boost
  • Purification of Blood
  • Control the Blood sugar level
  • Good for digestion

However, for pregnant women, its recommend to talk to your gynecologist to confirm if your health permits you to eat the fruit.

For today I’m going to share with you to make a thick sweet concoction which can used as a spread along with bit of butter and the taste is truly divine. Try at home using this recipe you will amazed by the magical sensation on the tongue that coming from tartness of the fruit and sweetness. So let’s get into the Woodapple Jam Recipe guys.


For making about 800g of Woodapple Jam
  1. Ripped Woodapple pulp with seeds 600g
  2. Sugar 300g
  3. Water 3 ¾ cups
  4. Lemon or lime juice 2 – 3tbsp



You have to have well ripped Woodapple for jam making.

  • Ripe woodapple holds a stronger scent.
  • You can check whether it ripe enough by looking at color which rough exterior holds in. Unripe fruit has a greenish color shell whereas ripe fruit get a greenish colored shell.

Well ripped fruit can easily find by shaking it, you can feel halo inside it through the flesh of woodapple shake inside by separating its shell.


Steps to make the Woodapple Jam
  1. Break open the fruit and using a spoon scoop the pulp and place in a large bowl. While you are doing so please do a taste in each woodapple because some of them can be taste bad, if you find it has unfavorable taste please skip using it, otherwise you will ruin the taste of jam.
  2. Now using a scale measure out the weight of the woodapple meat. Put half amount of water and mash the pulp using a folk. Keep it aside for about 30 min.


3. Use your palms gather and squish the pulp to separate the seeds and juice the pulp. Press the juice through a sieve to strain the fibers and seeds from the thick pulp. Keep aside seeds in another bowl.

4. Add remaining water to the separated seeds and mix well, again strain it through a strainer and get pulp without any seeds or fiber.  

5. Put sugar and some salt into the mixture. Give it a good mix and keep it in refrigerator for about 24 hours. That way woodapple puree have enough time to infuse with sugar.

Note: The amount of sugar depends on the texture of woodapple, some can be too tart and some can be sweet. So add 200g of sugar at first, taste it and add more sugar as it requires. 


6. Pour the woodapple puree into a large heavy-bottom saucepan (I used a Cheenachatti pan and its work well too) on medium flame. Remember to stir well from burning the puree.

7. When mixture start to boil and bubbling well add lime juice to it can stir well.

8. Once jam starts to thickens switch off the flame. You can check the consistency by using a spoon and once last drop dripping down very slowly then it’s cooked enough.

9. When draw a horizontal line on your spoon, top shouldn’t connect with the bottom through dividend line. If so let the mixture to come to room temperature or you will have to cook for few more minutes


10. Woodapple mixture get more thicken when it cools down. Give it enough time to cool down, when it’s ready to stored, you can draw a vertical line inside the pan and if it took much time to connect it’s good to go.

11. Carefully pour jam into sterilized glass jar and store in cool dry place.

12. Keep jam in the refrigerator after every use. Use a clean and dry spoon to take the jam. It will last long for 2 months.

Steps to sterilize the glass bottle to store the jam
  1. Get old jam glass bottles or air tight container & wash them properly.
  2. If you have labels on it please remove them, before boiling them on the water. (I did for one & didn’t do for small one because I will be using the jam straight away. Wait for more recipes.)
  3. In a large pan add water until it covers the jars by at least an inch, place a clean kitchen towel on the bottom of the pan. Put the bottles on it removing from their lids. Let it come to boil & wait for 1bout 10 minutes.
  4. When times up remove from the water & upside down the bottles on a wet kitchen towel.

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Spread a layer of Woodapple Jam with a bit of butter on top and make a sandwich, I’m sure your whole family will come to love it including child to elderly person. For me Woodapple Jam is a staple of household refrigerator, and hope it will works same for you too. I’m saying that not only because of the deliciousness but also health benefits that we can gain from this jam, plus it’s 100% organic without any artificial ingredients since we make it home.

Do try this wonderful Woodapple Jam recipe and tell me what’s your thoughts regarding this. I will see you soon in another delicious recipe like this, till then bye guys!!!

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