Beautiful Paper Quilling Christmas Card


Hello my dear friends today I’m back with a Christmas greeting card. As you can see I went overboard with this. But I love the way it turn out. Its bit complicated yet so easy to make. Are you going to shopping for buy Christmas greeting cards, don’t. Instead of that sent this beautiful card for your loved ones. They will super impressed and definitely will love this. So let’s get start it.

You will need:

  1. Color quilling strips (red, light and dark peach, different types of green color, brown and black)
  2. White color A4 board
  3. Color paper (green, red)
  4. Decorative pearls
  5. Glue, scissors, ruler

For this card I created a window shaker and covered it with a Christmas wreath. Green and red color used as main theme, obviously its Christmas of course. Below that I used a colorful ribbon on it I add a paper badge with the greeting.    

In this project I used color A4 sheets (29.6 cm ₓ 21cm) to cut paper strips in 5mm. when I’m telling half strip or 1/3 strip be aware that the length of strip that you are using. You can adjust the sizes as you wish, be it in flowers or card whatever. If you are going to change flower sizes use the color ratio as it is.

Window shaker:  

  1. Cut a circle with radius of 5cm from green color board.
  2. On that you can draw Christmas scenery picture or cut out if from wrapping paper or download image and glue it on top of that circle. Set it aside.
  3. Again draw circle with radius of 5cm and 4.5cm from green color board using same center for both circles.
  4. Carefully cut out inner circle (4.5cm) of it and make it look like a bangle. When you cutting out use a paper knife and draw two diameters of inner circle. Cut by each 1/4 portion and give pressure to paper knife keep going without releasing it. That way you will end up clean cut like I did in here.
  5. Get transparent polythene sheet, apply glue on circular bangle and place it on polythene sheet. Cut the excess sheet.
  6. Get double form tape and cut into small pieces applying them on polythene sheet attached side of paper bangle. Don’t leave any small gap between form tape pieces, close each and every gap otherwise when it shake stones may fall off.
  7. Use decorative pearls, stones, glitter powder or tiny small pieces from shined paper like I did in here and place them on middle of double taped paper bangle.
  8. Get picture attached circle and upside down it. Carefully place it on the top of paper bangle after removing all the liners of double side tape. Connect those two well and keep aside. Look isn’t it cute?

Fluffy quilling flower like dandelion

  1. I use 1.5cm and 1cm wide green color paper strip (29.6cm in length) in here. I made 20 for two each sizes all in 40.
  2. For this get a paper strip and make cuts from one side to reach ¾ of the strip. For make it easy that fold 4 times the strip and unfold after you make cuts.
  3. Get your scissors and using it blade side brush your cuts carefully without damaging them. That way you can get fluffier flower more easily.
  4. Insert quilling tool in one edge of strip and roll it out counterclockwise. Be aware that brushed cuts should be open to the outer side.
  5. Make more flowers and keep them aside.
Paper quilling flower number 1 :
  1. I used red, black and light peach color paper strip in this. To make it more pretty I add half cut of pearls in the middle of flower and you can use any kind of decorative stones or simply a tight coil to complete the look.
  2. Cut red color strip in 2/3 in length wide, black color strip in 1/2 in length wide and light peach in 1/3 in length wide. Roll 1/3 length wide red color strip as a tight coil. Also get 1/3 length wide light peach color strip to finish off the petals of flower.
  3. First add light peach color strip and red color strip together using little bit of glue. Make 5 strips like this for 1 flower.
  4. Roll out from red to light peach as a tight coil and apply glue on its edge.
  5. Make a doom shape out of it gently pressing from one side and add glue on that side to keep the shape. Slightly press one end of doom shaped tight coil keeping it as tear drop shape.
  6. Get black strip and make loose coil and roll it out to look like half circle variation. (Please check out basic shapes of paper quilling article …link…)
  7. Get black color coil, apply glue on it curvy side and add to top of the tear drop doom shape coil.
  8. Then get light peach color strip and wrap it around the shape tightly. This is the petal of flower number 1. Make 4 more petals to complete a flower.
  9. Add glue on pointed side of each petal and connect all 5 petals. I used a tight coil in the middle of it and you can skip it if you don’t like it. On the middle of flower add half cut pearl.
  10. Get this 2d flower onto your non-dominate palm and make curve while gently pressing from index finger of dominate hand to get 3d effect. After that what I like to do is take a small bottle clip and place the flower in it with a small weight on top of the flower, keep 5-7min or so to keep the shape of 3d flower permanently. This will easy if you have silicon glue, all you have to do is take a drop of glue, put it on paper and then place petals on it, leave for 2-3min till it dry and you ready to go for next one.
Paper quilling flower number 2 :
  1. I used red and light peach color paper strip in this. To make it more pretty I add half cut of pearls in the middle of flower.
  2. Cut red color strip in 2/3 in length wide and light peach in 1/3 in length wide. Roll 1/3 length wide red color strip as a tight coil.
  3. First add light peach color strip and red color strip together using little bit of glue. Make 9 strips like this for 1 flower.
  4. Roll out from red to light peach as a loose coil and make marquise shape pinching both sides of the coil and apply glue on its edge.
  5. Connect all 9 petals by adding glue of its petals. I used 1/3 length wide red color strip as tight coil in middle of flower and add half cut of pearl on top of it.
  6. As previous flower make it look like 3d shape pressing it.

Paper quilling flower number 3 :  

  1. As above flower number 2 make two layers with two colors. I used dark peach color and red color on this along with light peach color for its outer line.
  2. Get whole length wide red strip (29.6cm) with 1/4 length wide light peach color strip to make 10 petals just like before. After making those connect them and make 3d shape flower base. Let it dry for few minutes.
  3. Get 1/2 length wide dark peach color strip along with 1/4 length wide light peach color strip to make 8 petals just like flower 2.
  4. Make it 3d by pressing gently again. Add half cut of pearl on middle of outer layer of flower. Keep it aside for few minutes to dry.
  5. After that connect two layers together applying glue on them. Press slightly on top and keep it to dry few minutes.
  6. Double layer flower 3 is done.
Paper quilling leaves :
  1. For this I use few different variation of green color. If you like you can have only one green color also.
  2. Loop technique was used in this.
  3. Take strip and, fold twice to get covered loop. Then again fold once giving increasing the gap between and again fold increasing the gap. Folding thrice is good enough to make one part of the leave.
  4. I used 9 parts to complete one leave you can also use 7 parts. Get green color small strip (about 1/8 length wide) and apply glue on its both sides. Connect all 9 parts evenly to get a beautiful shape.
  5. Also make marquise shape from green strips to look like leaves.
Paper quilling swirls:
  1. I used brown, dark orange color variations and light yellow color strips for this.
  2. Cut all strips in same length wide, I get them as 1/4 strips.
  3. Apply glue on one edge of paper and glue them all together like picture shows.
  4. Then carefully start to roll out counterclockwise. When paper strip reach out end, add glue on the end of each strip after releasing folded roll and pulling each strip to get into the shape.
  5. Cut the excess strip and swirls are now ready.
Assembling the card:
  1. Get white color A4 board and fold into half. (29.6 cm ₓ 21cm)
  2. Inside of card add red color A4 paper in 29 cm ₓ 20.4cm after folding into it half and place it center of the card.
  3. Get green color paper size in 20.4cm ₓ 14.2cm and add to front of the card. On the top of that add red color paper in 19.8cm ₓ 13.6cm. Set it aside.
  4. Get white color board size in 19.2 cm ₓ 13cm. Decoration we are going to do is put on this card.
  5. First take decorative ribbon and add it on the board keeping the space 2cm from lower part of the board. In the middle of that add three circles as following with radius 2.2cm in green, 2cm in red and 1.8cm in white. In the white circle I wrote the greeting and decorate with star shaped stickers.
  6. Then get your circular shaped window shaker and add it on middle of the remaining part of the board.
  7. Cover it with green color fluffy quilling flower like dandelion all over the circle. For the outer circle use 1.5cm wide shapes and for the inner circle use 1cm wide shapes. i add small shapes on the liner of the window shaker.
  8. Then add flowers, leaves, swirls as your creativity.
  9. Let it dry at least 15min or so.

When shaking the card you can see decorative pieces playing around. Look how pretty is this? Try this out to greet your family and friends. This is an extra special card just for you to celebrate happiness all over the places. If you like this card please let me know in comments below and I love to hear from you what you guys think about this.  I will back soon with another Christmas special post. Make sure to stay tuned.  So bye byeee!!!

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