Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


Hi everyone, today I’m back with yet another cookie recipe of cookie box series. To tell you about that!!! If you looking for soft fudgy cookie ideas, the best one to try out is definitely chocolate crinkle cookies. It has brownie like texture and rich in chocolatier taste cookie that melt in your mouth. Some says it become crispy cookie instead of soft goodness, but let me tell you this, if you follow my recipe in here you will end up with super yummy cookies, if you love chocolate this is for you and this may be your favorite chocolate cookie, try it out; plus its super easy (little mess at end through) So my dears lets go for it.

For 12 cookies

Considering points before making chocolate crinkles  

  • Measure exact amount of flour. You can also use cake flour too. But to me all-purpose flour works well.
  • Use high quality chocolate powder (unsweetened cocoa) for this recipe. Mentioned sugar is required for perfect balance of sweetness. If you are a sweet tooth person go ahead and add up to 90-100g.
  • This is an easy recipe, you can make cookie batter (it’s not like regular cookie dough though) even a day ahead. That way you can have rolled cookie balls fairly easy.
  • Even though chilling time counted as 1hr, for best result you can leave dough in fridge for 6-8hr for best results.
  • You can also use melted chocolate and butter instead of chocolate powder and vegetable oil. (If you interested in that leave a comment below and I will make another post just for you.)
  • Avoid strong flavored oil as a substitute for vegetable oil. Quality virgin coconut oil also can be used.
  • For perfect dusted cookies coat twice in icing sugar or powdered sugar. Sanding sugar is also use as substitute one (but to be honest I’m not much sure about that, if you made them with sanding sugar take a picture and upload in here, I love to see them.)    

Steps to make cookies

  1. Add flour, baking powder, salt to a large bowl and sift them together.
  2. Beat vegetable oil and sugar (brown sugar or white sugar) till its well combined. Occasionally scrape bowl and beat again.
  3. Put chocolate powder and mix on low. If you using instant coffee add them along with chocolate powder.
  4. Then add egg and vanilla extract into the mixture and again beat till well combined.
  5. Lastly put your flour mixture to oil mixture and mix on low. Scrape bowl and beat again. If there is no flour lump can be seen stop beating. You will end up cake batter consistency cookie batter not a dough, don’t panic it’s the expected cookie dough for recipe.
  6. Cover the bowl in plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 1 hour. As I mentioned you can leave there in longer period of time for best results.
  7. With a use of small ice cream scoop, scoop out the chilled dough into small pieces and place them on a plate or bowl of icing sugar. If you using a table spoon scope the dough and roll them in round using your clean plums. Roughly 1 inch wide cookie balls 12 can made out from whole dough.
  8. Coat well in powdered sugar twice to get perfect visual reflection. Some says white color will faded when it baking, there is no such a thing if you do well-coated twice.
  9. Place cookie balls on parchment lined baking sheet about 2 inches apart because they will rise on the oven. Baked at preheated oven at 175°C about 12-15minutes until edges of cookies will steed.
  10. After cookie bakes put then on a cooling rack to finish baking in center of cookie. That way you can have fudgy soft brownie like cookie instead of crispy cookie.

As you can see this is fairly easy and super yummy. Hello chocolate lovers this will be must try out recipe of yours. With such a delicate look chocolate crinkle cookies can go with any occasion and celebration. Everyone will love this, in fact if expecting gusts over, this is reduce your time leaving worry for rest of dishes; batter can made a day ahead and only baking can do on due date. Red velvet crinkle cookies also can make like this, if you interested in let me know I will make them too. Its soon to be valentine day guys, cookie box filled with love is 10/10. See you soon in another simple, easy cookie recipe in cookie box series.

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