Go for a healthy & delicious breakfast: Sri Lankan Coconut Pittu


Hello friends, today I’m back with yet another delicious recipe idea for a Healthy Breakfast, it is Sri Lankan Coconut Pittu. Because I feel like to have a slightly diverse from ongoing content of our blog will be great an improvement to enhance your experience with us, so tell me guys if you agree with me. Today’s recipe is a traditional Sri Lankan food recipe that can always inspiring in a better way, specialty in Coconut Pittu that made out from rice flour & shredded coconut; resulting a gluten free meal. Plus it is super easy to make with just a few ingredients.

 It’s believing that Pittu is an outcome of Indian influence to Sri Lanka, because especially in the Kerala region of India known Pittu as Puttu or Putu. But it calls a different recipe with many other ingredients & I’m going to focus on the Sri Lankan Coconut Pittu in here.

Pittu made by the steam & to do that we need a Coconut Puttu Maker/ Pittu Mold which upper tubular container hold the pittu mixture & lower container store water. Those components combine through a fine mess that allows steam to escape where boiling water creates it, so that pittu will be thoroughly cooked because it hold shape in upwards without the content flowing down. Generally pittu served with fresh coconut milk, spicy sambal paste (lunu misris) & curries like fish, chicken, dal or chickpea. Sweet side dishes such as palm sugar or bananas also can be served along with pittu.

With the enough details let’s see how this Healthy Breakfast can be prepared, as you all know now the Rapid Home Art always with many possible methods, tips & tricks; so in today’s post I will share with you a tip that can be worth for you, so go through the article to find out more about it.

For 4 servings
Ingredients for Coconut Pittu
  1. Non-parboiled rice (kekkulu haal) 400g
  2. Shredded coconut from one medium coconut
  3. Salt 1/2 tsp
  4. Water 1/4 cup

Even though many recipes calls for rice flour to make pittu, I would like to use freshly grinned rice flour because it is one key point of its tastiness. My mother always told me that coconut pittu taste best when combination of fresh rice flour & fresh shredded coconut use in the mixture. And it is so true, trust me; this is the ultimate taste rather than using rice flour to make pittu. Better to go with it, I’m recommending this method; in case if you are wondering or if you think grinding rice flour so much hassle; use can rice flour 400g instead of rice 400g.


Steps to make Coconut Pittu
  1. To get rice flour;
    • Soak the rice in the water at least 30 minutes, then drain the water putting rice on a strainer about 10 – 15 minutes.
    • After removing excess water from the rice, flatten them on a parchment paper for another 15 minutes, I used a newspaper for this. (Make a better use of everything)
    • Now you will be able to feel rice mostly dried out, exposing to the air. Put them into your grinder or food processor, grind till it become smooth flour.
    • Sift the flour & set aside, as you can see there are lot of leftovers will be on the strainer after you sift it, either remove them or grind them for again to get more rice flour.

2. Set up lower container of pittu maker with water and bring it to a boil until you see the steam coming out of the top of the container.

3. In the meantime when you let the rice to set dry out, prepare the fresh shredded coconut to use for the recipe. This is the method that my mother used to do at home & I think it will be useful for you. Considering the fact that coconut also contain more fat, it is healthier to reduce the amount of coconut for food recipes. Be aware, when you are going to cut the amount for the recipe, because it can be change the final texture of the food recipe, for this one;

    • Get the shredded fresh coconut & divide them into equal two portions.
    • Get one portion & take out the coconut milk from it using warm water. Try to get 1st & 2nd coconut milk extracts from there.
    • Keep coconut milk aside, we can use it for later on when we are serving the pittu or if you don’t like to eat coconut milk keep it covered in the refrigerator for other usage, don’t keep it more than one day, it tend to be go bad due to the bacterial infections.

4. We need the shredded coconut pulp which use to get coconut milk & mix it with other portion of fresh shredded coconut.

5. Mix them on the bowl that you are going to make the pittu mixture. Traditionally an earthen clay pots used for this, it said that to get desired texture the pot/bowl that you are using is important. But anyway use a regular one, I just want you to know every single facts that I know, that’s the sharing right?

6. Then into that add rice flour & salt.  Combine all ingredients using your fingertips without applying any pressure on the flour mixture. Go on circles, keeping some flour mixture in between your fingertips, if it’s too dry add water into that little by little, if you using freshest shredded coconut you might need any of water because coconut has enough moisture.

7. Create a “crumble texture” like sand, making small granules. If there is larger ones feel free to break them out.

Note:  This texture is really important. It should be a dry crumble, so sprinkle a little flour mixture to if you add more water in. make sure to get the right texture.

8. Once you ready with the mixture & steam comes out from the pittu maker, take the upper tubular part of pittu maker with its fine mess piece, put it inside the cylinder & place this cylinder on the container of pittu maker for 2-3 minutes to warm the tubular part.

9. After it warmed up, take out tubular part from the pittu maker & put flour mixture on to it. dont try to pack mixture tightly, once it comes all the way up stop adding more & place the lid on the tube and back on the base that is full of boiling water.

10. Let it cook in the steam for 5-6 minutes till steam comes out the holes of lid in the cylinder. Once steams going to out of the lid wait further 1-2 minute so that steam will work all the way through the pittu ingredients and steamed everything together.

11. Take the tubular part off on its base and use a wooden dowel/pole to push the pittu out of the steamer.

12. Cut it into 3 or 4 parts using a thick coconut, it’s the traditional way, you can run a knife obliviously. Tricky part is that it tend to break apart very easily because it is so soft.

13. Serve it hot. Best way to eat pittu with warmed coconut milk, lunu miris and any spicy meat, fish or vegetable curry.

  • Very important that you don’t use a lot of water to mix the ingredients. If so the pittu will be too soft & mashed. Should not be steamed for a long timer either.
  • Be careful not to add too much water, if it did add a little bit of rice flour.
  • Only if you can’t find fresh shredded coconut use desiccated coconut. Place the desiccated coconut in bowl and pour coconut milk and hot water over it. Mix well and allow coconut to soak for 20-30 minutes. Use 2 1/4 cups desiccated coconut soaked in 1 1/8 cup of water)
  • Red rice flour, kurakkan flour & couscous may be used as well. Children will be loved to the recipe if you could alternative layers of red rice flour & regular rice flour, or you can even add few drops of food coloring to have beautiful pittu.
  • Please don’t make larger than triple quantity at once if you using desiccated coconut, because mixing all the flour/salt with the coconut at one time, results the crumbles mixture becomes too tough or soggy. In case of that scenario you need to work on making the crumble for the next tube of pittu, once one is steaming over the pittu maker.
  • To make crumble flour & coconut mixture more quick; put the ingredients into a food processor and pulse adding water little by little to achieve the same consistency.


This Healthy breakfast is so flavorful, especially it taste so milky. It’s an amazing how such simple ingredients can create beautiful and delicious food like this. Not to mention it is diary free & gluten free meal that can pull out such a lovely flavor combination, so good. You need to definitely try this out. Even it has few instructions to do, it is so easy & cause no time at all, I guarantee you that it is so worth it, once you taste this. So tell me what you think about this recipe in the comment below.

One more thing if you like this recipe checkup my green gram milk recipe it is also one of the best traditional Sri Lankan Healthy Breakfast too. Till next time, bye guys!

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