Happy New Year 2020!!!


Hello my dear friends, welcome back. I wish you all the very best for you in this New Year 2020!!! Today I share with you one of my greeting card that I created for this year. It is very easy to make and yet it turn out with gorgeous look. Isn’t it? With a twist pop up technique it made so attractive. If you hadn’t send greeting card for your family and friends, create this card by yourself and they will be super impressed. So let’s start this.

You will need

  • Card stock paper
  • Decorative paper
  • Quilling strips
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Glue and ruler

Steps to follow

Hence this contain twist and pop up technique we will made that template first.

  1. For this you need card with 15cm ₓ 7cm in size.
  2. Crease a line with its middle in wide which 3.5cm.
  3. Then mark points in 4cm and 11cm from left side of the card. Add these marks on top and bottom sides of the card.
  4. Crease a line jointing top 4cm point and bottom 11cm point and vice versa. Make Sharpe edges with the use of a tool.
  5. Make a fold to get triangular shape by applying pressure on both left and right sides in same time. Then you will end up a card piece like below picture shows. Put it aside.

To pop up 2020 we need to have a card with zig zag folding.

  1. To make that we need to have a card with 21.5cm ₓ 7cm in size.
  2. Mark points in 5cm, 5.5cm, 10.5cm, 11cm, 16cm and 16.5cm from left side of the card. Crease lines and have zig zag folding. To make it cute I cut the corners into round shape.
  3. I got 4 cards 4.5cm ₓ 6.5cm in size. You can use decorative papers also. Cut corners in those also. Set it aside.

Then we make the highlight point of the card, which is quilling numbers.

  1. Get 4 small cards and draw numbers in each 2, 0, 2, 0. You can even use a template to get exactly same sizes of numbers.
  2. Get a piece of card and put glue on it, with another piece of card make the glue flatten on the surface. (The reason why I’m doing this is to get adequate amount of glue on paper strip. If you have needle point glue then you can simply add glue on strip its make easier.)
  3. Get white color strip and keep it straight add glue on it bottom side rubbing it from glue surface. Following the line add strip on number template. Make curves using tweezers and cut to get appropriate length in strip. Complete all number outlines like this. Keep at least 10min to dry.
  4. Number 2: Then get color strips as your liking and add them keeping a little space among them using same method just like before. Make loose coils with same colors to get circle points in number. Add random quilling shapes to fill the gaps in number (refer basic shapes of paper quilling article)
  5. Number 0: make quilling swirls (get color strips and add glue in them in one corner of each and every strip. Attach the one after another stacking them on. Let other side free. Roll from glue attach side to other side and release it. Glue them keeping its shape.) Put them on number and fill gaps with random paper quilling shape.
  6. After making all numbers let them dry. After that add these cards on zig zag folded card.

Let’s move onto the card base.

  1. Get card with 26cm ₓ 9cm. Mark points in 12cm and 14cm and crease the lines well.
  2. Cut two decorative papers 11.5cm ₓ 8.5cm in size. Attach them inside of folded card.
  3. Mark 4.5cm on middle point in 2cm wide creased line.
  4. Get twist technique card template and attach it with aligning triangular point of template and marked point of card. Add glue to both top and bottom triangular sides.
  5. Then make few open up from card base to make smooth opening.
  6. Again mark middle point of card on top of the twist template card. Align it with zig zag folded cards middle point.
  7. Add glue on top half of the right side and bottom half of left side in twist template when last and first zig zag folding are closed.
  8. Get decorative paper 11.5cm ₓ 8.5cm in size. Apply on top of the card.
  9. Get 0.8cm wide and 0.5cm wide strips. Apply them on card just like below picture shows. Between 0.5cm wide strips add 0.8cm wide strip. Between them have at least 2mm gap.

Make the bow.

  1. Again get three strips of 0.8cm ₓ 8cm and 0.8cm ₓ 3cm in size. On some strips (3cm and one 8cm in length strips) I add black 0.5cm strips to look it more pretty.
  2. Get two strips in 8cm in length and fold half. Brush folded both sides using sharpen blade of scissor to get curly in opposite directions. Add glue on middle point and attach the sides to it. Make other strip just like this.
  3. Get one bow strip and add glue on middle and attach them together getting the look of cross. Get 3cm wide strip and wrap it around the midpoint of the bow to get bow knot look.
  4. Get other 8cm strip fold in half and brush with scissor blade and attach it backside of the bow.
  5. Add bow in between paper strip crossing area.

You can simply write the wish on the top of card or use greeting templates in there. As your choices you could adjust the sizes and colors of this card. It’s really pretty and easy to make. You need to get this done my dear friend its super cute. Not only for New Year, you can use this method to show anniversary years or age of a birthday girl/boy. If you like to create more quilling numbers or quilling projects let me know in comments below and I will make a post as soon as possible.  I will come back with new idea just like this. See you soon my dears..

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