We are lifelong Indebted to Health & National Security Services in Sri Lanka. Thank You Very Much!!!


As a responsible citizens we Rapid Home Art posting this article just to show our gratitude for the gods on earth; doctors, soldiers, police men & nurse. In the battle of COVID – 19 they are the strong front line members that fight against without looking aback. Especially all the people in health sector doctors, nurses & others are making huge sacrifice in this critical time period.

While healthcare & medical services at Sri Lanka providing free and universal health care system Sri Lankan national security service, military & police provide other facilities to our citizen. They especially in charge of backing up the health sector, with quarantine procedure in Sri Lanka. Also other Essential Services in Sri Lanka work as one to protect us, our post service now collaborate with health department to provide medicine for elderly citizen at their door step, banks & communication channels also provide different advantages to people just to encourage them, understanding the country situation.

As a developing country Sri Lanka made many facilities for us, it even captured by World Health Organization that they appreciate our procedure on facing the Corona outbreak. So let’s work as one, let’s follow the guidance from health service & national security service. Or otherwise sweat they shed for our protection will going to waste if we didn’t cooperate properly. So respect the curfew, follow good physical hygiene routine & stay at home. So be obliged to authority, as Sri Lankan citizen respect & act according to regulations.

Use your time in a valuable way, see below picture you can get idea, how to spend it. Think this time as advantage that you get, build strong family relationship. Be happy. Start gardening, Get advantaged, start vegetable gardening at your home. Keep social distance from others. Protect yourself & your loved one from Corona Virus. Be supportive, Be alert, Be safe. Let’s respect for our heroes; Doctors, Nurses, Soldiers, Policemen and others, shall we? Be appreciative!!! Hats off for you!!!  

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