How to get perfect eclairs?


In previous one I show you how to make the best eclair. In here as I promised I like to share all my tips and ideas to get best eclairs to be perfect. I think this will helpful for you.

Tips for the best eclairs

  • You can use a pair of clean scissors to snip the end of your eclairs as you pipe. Or you can pipe the way you normally do and when it release and form a peak use clean wet hand with water to get a clean edge. Otherwise peaks will get burnt in the oven which causing tasteless flavor and its shape.
  • Make sure to bake in correct temperature at correct time. Because eclairs must not deflate due to improper baking, they must keep their shape even after removing from the oven as they need to be filled. Bake until they get light and get a dark golden color.
  • After baking make sure to give your eclairs several pokes, this will allow steam to escape and prevent your eclairs from getting soggy.
  • Using a large star tip (869) to pipe the choux helps control the expansion of the dough during baking but you can use a large round tip or just snip the end off a piping bag.


Tips for the best pastry cream

  • You can use corn flour to thicken the cream or you can just skip it. But I suggest you to use it for best results. Cake flour or all-purpose flour also works just fine too.
  • When pastry cream is in over heat don’t walk away even for a minute keep stirring, and make sure to hit the corner of the pot with that whisk. I suggest you to choose heavy bottom pan to make the cream and to have French whisk (narrow whisk) instead of balloon whisk. Or a spatula works just fine.
  • After making the cream cover with plastic wrap touching directly over the surface of the cream, because skin forms quickly. If your cream form a skin just whisk vigorously until its become smooth again.
  • This custard can be made up to 24 hours in advance. Refrigerate until 1 hour before using.

Note: custard and pastry cream make with same ingredients. It is called in different names because of its variation of thickness and pastry cream hold its shape even in the room temperature unlike custard.

  • In here I used whipping cream along with pastry cream just because; dear friends it hold huge amount of cream to fill the eclairs very well. (And weights too) you can fill cream as much as you feel enough as they weights. Or you can simply use only pastry cream without adding whipped cream and it still taste really good.

Also there are so many options for the filling in eclairs instead of regular recipe calls pastry cream. I have many ideas for that part, so let me tell you. If you are longed for a new twist of eclairs these are perfect tips, try it out.    

  1. You can fold melted chocolate or chocolate chips or chocolate chunks into the cream. If you are adding melted chocolate be aware of its consistency and use 1/2tsp to 1tsp instant coffee powder to enhance chocolatier flavor much more.
  2. You can add any fruit reduction to pastry cream like; orange, mangos, strawberries, raspberries, blue berries etc. also you can use store brought jam or sauces for this. But I suggest go for organic way if you can it’s the best option. You can even add fresh fruit slices to cream.
  3. If you in a rush or don’t like pastry cream you can use only whipped cream. If you using it its best to serve it within few hours and refrigerate it before using. Try out chocolate, coffee or fruit syrups/jam with whipped cream.
  4. Make a nutella filling. For that you need heavy cream 250g and 2tbsp of nutella. Whisk cream and nutella together until forming soft peaks and ready to go. If you want to go fancier add cream cheese or mascarpone cheese 100g to the mixture.
  5. Make a custard cream with sore brought custard powder. To a pot add 500ml milk, 3/4cup sugar, 1tsp vanilla over medium heat. When milk start to boil mix 5tbsp of custard powder with ½ cup of milk and pour to boiling milk. Continuously whisking cook it until mixture thicken enough. Strain the mixture into a bowl and let it comes to room temperature. You need to whisk to become cool because skin forms very easily. Refrigerate it at least 1/2hr before using.
  6. Marshmallow custard cream – as last part of making custard add 4 chunks of marshmallows (30g) when making from below amount of ingredients and let it dissolve in that temperature.
  7. Use pastry cream and whipped cream separately when filling to the eclairs. This can use when you cut eclairs into half and pipe cream onto the bottom layer of eclairs.
  8. Also you can use butter cream, French butter cream or cream cheese butter cream as filling. Meringue based butter cream can used if you serve within few hours after making it otherwise it will loose the texture of eclairs.

Take a look at these fillings in eclairs. Classical one, twisted ones with fresh fruit and whipped cream and chocolate cream. Just how beautiful they are? You can get inspired by them and have it your own.


Also as a finishing touch you can garnish with chocolate glaze for that you can use;

  1. Nutella ganache – pour hot 100g heavy cream onto 75g nutella and 50g dark chocolate. Let it dissolve 1-2 minute and mix it well.
  2. You can use 3/4cup of hot cream into chocolate chip 1cup (dark chocolate + semi chocolate) mix it well.
  3. Get hot sugar syrup 1 2/2cup and pour it to 70g semi-sweet chocolate, 25g butter. Combine well before using.
  4. If you don’t want too sweet eclairs dust icing sugar onto filled eclairs. It is tasty and easier than making glaze and dripping eclairs onto that.

Adding butter to the glaze will give you shinny and glossy look to the éclair. You can either drip on glaze or drizzle chocolate to the eclairs. I usually drip them on to chocolate. If you worry about the eclair shape when they come out from oven this part can cover it very well. Make chocolate glaze to be thick and drip it and let it dry that way you can cover unsatisfactory shape of baked eclairs.  

With considering all these suggestion you can try the best eclair and cream puff also. I will make another post about cream puff. And totally 3 recipes make out from choux pastry. If you have any suggestion please let me know. I’m on all ears.


 So stay tuned. I will be come back with delicious and simple recipe. Till then…  

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