How to make Choux pastry


It is French cuisine dough that used to make classic profiteroles, eclairs, craquelinand etc. I would be honest its may be tricky but if you follow my recipe in here you will just fine and end up with a perfect choux pastry. So let’s go for it.

Total TimeCook TimeBake Time
50 minutes20 minutes30 minutes

Choux Pastry for 12 puffs


  • Flour 100g
  • Butter 90g
  • Water 1cup (225ml)
  • Eggs 3
  • Salt 1/4tsp

To get perfect dough weighting the exact amount of ingredients is really matters. Even though standard recipe call its ratio 2:1:1:2 of water, butter, flour and eggs, trust me this works just right. If you can use bread flour instead of all-purpose flour, then puffs will be sturdier, and hold their shape even better.


Choux pastry has a unique way of preparing, which is it requires the dough to be cooked first. I prefer you to have heavy bottom pan for cooking the dough or it may burn.

  1. Put water, salt and small chunk of butter in to a pan heat over medium heat. You can substitute half of the water with milk to have more texture. Also adding 2tsp of sugar is optional, I didn’t use here, if you want go ahead and add. 
  2. Stir occasionally and when water boiling all the butter should be melted. And then add all the flour in one go.
  3. Using a wooden spoon or spatula to continually mix the flour in, so that it absorbs all of the water. When that happening it’s forming a dough.
  4. Cook the dough for 2 – 5 minutes while you mix and move it around in the pan until you get a dough that pulls away from the sides of the pan, forms oil droplets on the bottom of the pan, and when you stick a spoon in the dough, it stays upright.
  5. Let the dough to cool down slightly for a few minutes by flatten the dough along the sides of the pan or transfer the dough to a bowl and do so if you wish to collect more dishes when you done. I don’t want that so I didn’t.
  6. The amount of eggs added is variable on their size. So I recommend you to lightly beat the eggs and then gradually add to mixture to get correct consistency. Or you can add one egg at a time and when adding the last please be careful. 
  7. In either way add eggs and continue to mix. It will be hard when you getting to right point. When you reach the right consistency dough with a glossy sheen with pipeable consistency. You may or may not use up all the eggs. 
  8. Do the finger test. Drag your finger along the surface of the choux pastry dough to create a trough. (just like the shown in below picture.) The sides of this trough should stay upright and not collapse into the dough. If they do, it’s because the dough is too runny. If the sides of the trough stay up, then it’s the right consistency. Make sure the dough has a nice sheen when you do this test too.
  9. Prepare a baking tray with parchment paper and mist the surface with water. 
  10. Pipe the desired shape on to the baking sheet – either using a piping bag fitted with a large tip or cut the pastry bag opening instead, or simply spoon it on to the tray like I do, using a tablespoon. Then with a damp finger, flatten the apex and any points.
  11. Bake them in a preheated oven at 200°C around 25-30min until they become golden brown. 
  12. After puffs become brown, make slides or prick each puff with a skewer or toothpick and let them dry out and put again in the oven for around 5-10min. lastly remove from the oven when the time is up and let it cool completely before adding a filling.

Creamy fish puff is made from choux pastry. In previous article I show you how to make it now we can turn those shells in to delicious creamy fish puff. Very easy, simple ingredients can most importantly quickly we can prepare them. 

 Yes you can use store bought choux pastry cases if you are in a hurry or whatever reasons. But to me they are almost always dry and tasteless. So why bother just make the deal to have them in home.

Prepare Time: 20 minutes

Servings for 12 puffs

  • Fresh milk 1/2cup 
  • Butter 1tbsp                .  
  • Flour 1tbsp
  • Finley chopped Capsicum 1 
  • Finley chopped Onion 1/2
  • Ginger garlic paste 1tbsp
  • Finley chopped Curry leaves 
  • Shallow fried fish (tuna, yellowfin tuna) 150g 
  • Boiled egg 1 
  • Fried Sausages 4  
  • Boiled carrot 1/2cup
  • Boiled potatoes 1/2cup 
  • Spring onion leaves 1/4cup
  • Pepper and salt to taste



  1. Heat a pan over medium heat and into that add butter wait till it melted, then add Ginger garlic paste, chopped Capsicum, Onion and Curry leaves.
  2. Saute for 2-3 minutes till onions become light brown. 
  3. Get the heat into low flame and add flour and mix it well. Let it cook for 3-4 minutes. After that add fresh milk, salt, pepper and stir until mixture turn into thick and creamy. If you have white sauce just add sauce after onions become golden color. 
  4. Then add shallow fried fish cutting into small pieces combine well. Put chopped boiled egg, sausages, carrot, potatoes and spring onion leaves to that. If mixture thicken too much add more fresh milk or white sauce. Taste before turning off the flame.
  5. Let filling to slightly cool down before fill into puffs.
  6. Get baked puffs and made a cut to open it to fill with creamy mixture. Add generous amount of filling into puff shell. Because its pretty when seeing filling between puff layers. That’s the reason I used potatoes and carrot in mixture, hence it requires more.

You can either use chicken or prawn or whatever you like instead of fish. Very yummy simple food yet those two can full your empty stomach. Make puffs smaller using teaspoon of choux pastry to have one bite size snack. It will be amazing finger food idea that amaze your guests, family or friends. I got really good comments I hope you will make them and enjoy in upcoming festival season.


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