Let’s make a delicious cashew nut tart


Looking for something new recipe for your party. This is the perfect choice. In every bite you will get chewy and nutty flavor with correct amount of sweet; what to say? Have and taste it by your own. Make yourself and surprise your guests with cutie tarts they will be so amazed.

To be honest this is the perfect recipe for all of sweet lovers. Plus it is really easy to make few ingredients yet soooooo….. tasty. Yes believe me! For easy pricy people who don’t want to bother with dough which need to be knead or right consistency this is the best choice to you will ever made. Try at home during the upcoming festival season. I highly recommend cashew nut tart for Christmas party, New Year party or whatever. New flavor with cute little look will make you speechless once you taste it.


For 12 – 15 tarts


Facts to consider before making cashew nut tart:

  1. You can use any nut instead of cashew nuts or use mix of different varieties of nuts. Like peanuts, hazelnut, pistachio etc.
  2. Make sure to roast cashews in oven or a saucepan until it turn to golden brown color. Then cut into small pieces. You can decorate tart with half of a cashew placing it on the top of filling, if so those cashews must not roast and keep it aside otherwise they will burn while on the oven.
  3. Use semolina after tempting in a sauce pan for few minutes over low flame until it becomes sand in texture and light golden brown in color. Be careful otherwise you might end up with burnt semolina.
  4. Prepare a cup cake tray or heatproof bin (like I used in here) brushing with melted butter or some oil.

Steps to make tart shell:

  1. In a large bowl add flour, icing sugar (Powdered sugar/ confectioners’ sugar use in here) and salt and mix it well.
  2. Then add small pieces of butter and combine it well using your clean hands till it become sand in texture.
  3. Get a small egg and beat slightly using folk and add it to the flour mixture in a little amount at a time. (like 1tbsp of egg) the reason of doing this is if you add egg in once it might turn into runny mixture and to prevent that small amount of egg add to the flour mixture. Needed amount of egg depends on the size of the egg and type of flour that you are using to make tart.
  4. You can let dough to rest in fridge few minutes till you making the filling. If the dough too sticky don’t worry all you have to do is let it in the fridge about 30min or so and it will be just fine. What we are looking for is a playable dough to roll and then shape it up.
  5. Get the rested dough on a working surface which has flour on top and roll it to become 3mm in thickness. Get a large cookie cutter (dusting on flour) to cut circles from the dough. Take circle to the cupcake tray and carefully place it over. Make all shells like so.
  6. If previous method is too tiresome you can divide the whole dough into 12 to 15 pieces and roll the on hand to become a dough ball. Then put each of them on cupcake tray and press it using your fingers to fill the cupcake surface. Look so many options!!!
  7. I like to bake prepared shells on 150°C about 5-7minutes before adding the filling. Make sure to poke some holes using a folk if you doing so to get crispy tart shell. You can skip this step if you want to.

Steps to make cashew nut filling:

  1. In a bowl (or a jar; I used a jar because it is easy to pour into the tart shell) add icing sugar, semolina, cashew nuts and salt.
  2. To that add beat eggs and mix well. When sugar lumps can’t be see in the mixture add melted butter to that. Also add vanilla, almond essence and keep mixing till filling become smooth.

Assembling the cashew nut tart:

  1. Pour mixture on to baked shells or non-baked shells. (Like 2tbsp of filling) don’t fill the filling over to the top because when it bakes filling will arise. So fill appropriate amount of filling according to size of cupcake tray.
  2. Bake at 175°C for 15minutes and lower the temperature to 150°C and again bake 15min more till it become golden brown.

You can store these tart in air tight container up to 4days. (It vary on the temperature and humidity) easy and simple recipe yet so delicious. Try it out for your Christmas parties. Let me know your comments about this.

I will be back with simple recipe. For the festival season I will add more recipes like this. Make sure to check them also. Till then….

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