Let’s make Sri Lankan Green Gram Milk Rice (Mung Kiribath)


Hello my dear friends today I’m going to share with you my all the time favorite dish, I like to have it for any time of the day breakfast lunch or dinner (that is me you know), it is Sri Lankan green gram milk rice. This traditional dish prepared with raw rice, green gram and coconut milk. Popular for any celebration as another version of Sri Lankan milk rice dish. It is simple, easy, and with few ingredients you can have full nutritional meal including side dishes like any curries (chicken, fish or canned tin fish) and spicy Sri Lankan sambal paste (Lunu Miris Sambal/ Dried Red Chilli Sambal), sweet onion relish (seeni sambal). Even though original traditional recipe calls red raw rice considering the fact of its nutritious impact for health milk rice prepared with white raw rice as tasty as same.

Although Kiribath seems to be unique to Sri Lanka its origins of are not clear. The very 1st time to hear a thing about kiribath goes back many years ago and it is that Sujata offered kiribath to Lord Buddha whilst he was meditating under the Bodhi Tree, just before attaining enlightenment. Today this Sri Lankan traditional dish common in almost every household and as a main food of any ceremony in Sri Lanka to celebrates festive or auspicious occasions and symbolizes the beginning of new pursuits or transitions in life. Also on the first day of each month Kiribath is prepared within many families in Sri Lanka.

In the past kiribath had been prepared in earthen clay pots in firewood hearths and that impart a unique flavor to the meal. The most important thing in kiribath is to have correct variety of rice and the best choice for that is known as kekkulu haal (not-parboiled rice) whether it is red or white. There are few variation in kiribath and those are; mung bean milk rice (green gram milk rice), Imbul kiribath (it can be sweet or savor in flavor) and sometimes pongal rice is also cooked same way as milk rice along with jaggery, cashews and dried plums.

With enough details in kiribath now let’s go to make delicious green gram milk rice that is perfect for breakfast meal.     

Serves for 4 people


  • 250g of raw white rice
  • 250g of soaked green gram (mung beans)
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 cups of thick coconut milk (get 1st and 2nd extract from one coconut)
  • 1tsp of Salt


Facts to consider:

  • Rinse the green gram, put into a bowl and add water till it completely submerge with water. Soak beans overnight or 12 hours.
  • Once green grams soaked enough drain the water and set aside.
  • Hence I like the taste of green gram with milk rice I add 1:1 ration of raw rice and green grams. If you don’t like taste that much you can use 125g to 200g as your likings. If you are doing so be aware with the milk and water you adding to the rice because they need to change as well.
  • Wash rice for 3-4 times, then drain and set aside.


Steps to prepare green gram milk rice:

  1. Add 1 cup of water into a large pan and put it in a medium heat for 2-3min.
  2. Into that hot water add rice, green gram and 1/2tsp of salt, mix it well and add another 1cup of water. (I usually check amount of water added by finger tips and that way mostly compatible other than cups. For that put your finger tips touching on the leveled surface of rice in the pot and check your middle finger; if water comes up to between first and second knuckle, then water is enough for cook the rice. If not add more.)
  3. Cover the pan with a lid and let it cook till water boils on medium heat to 15 – 20 min.
  4. After rice cooked and water reduced by certain amount add thick coconut milk (seasoning with 1/2tsp of salt) into that. Immediately get shove into lower and let it cook after mixing it well. Again cover with a lid. Amount of coconut milk is nearly enough to cover the rice surface. Add coconut milk till your rice can be seen just a little on the milk.
  5. Make sure to check the rice cooked or not before adding coconut milk. If your rice hasn’t cook after 20min pour some hot water into that and cover then again let it cook. After that add coconut milk. It is a must.
  6. When coconut milk start to boiling wait for 5min before giving it good stair. Taste it and add more salt if taste is not enough. (If milk rice is too much stiff in texture add more milk. Mix it well. Cover the pan and cook again.)
  7. After giving it a good stair cover it for 5min more. Then turn off the heat.
  8. Put milk rice into a cake pan, clean working top or banana leaves level it well. Wait 2-3min to cut into pieces. You can either cut into squares or diamond shape.


There is another way, which is I like the most; put milk rice into small bin, press it well, then put a plate over it and place it upside down, tap on the bin till milk rice can remove from bin. It looks cute but most common way is to cut milk rice into shape of diamond.

Serve it while hot with spicy sambal and meat curry, it is divine. I love green gram milk rice very much. I think you will also love it. Make it your home enjoy with family. I’m telling you everyone will love milk rice.

I will comeback with healthy recipe like this, and also I have a surprise for you. To see that stay tuned. Till then bye!


  • Jessie Snyder

    Love how fresh and colourful this looks!

    • Hie Jessie it’s taste better than its looks, hope you will love Sri Lankan foods once you try this out.

  • This post is very helpful. And can I store food in a plastic bag or anything else?

    • Hi Lucie, Since green gram milk rice made out from coconut milk it cannot be store for any longer than 2-3 hours after making it. so I’m suggesting you to make enough batch as per servings, or otherwise it will go bad resulting to put it in trash.

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