Make the best Dinner Rolls at your Home!


Hello guys, today I’m with the Dinner Rolls recipe. It’s a flaky, soft, and buttery, bread that can outshine in any main dish. Pillow soft most delicious dinner rolls are impossible to resist, plus since it’s a homemade one with just a handful of simple ingredients everyone will demand more. They are extremely versatile and a welcome addition to essentially every meal. Even if you’re a beginner, read this blog post to learn more about this yeast rolls recipe to prepare the best at your own easily. And with this recipe, I guarantee you will feel confident in baking bread to experience more, just the way I fell in love with baking. So let’s make this!

For 12 small Servings
Ingredients for the Dinner Rolls
  1. All-purpose flour 300g
  2. Lukewarm milk 125ml (1/2cup)
  3. Egg 1 (weight about 55g)
  4. Butter 50g
  5. Milk Powder 2tbsp
  6. Instant yeast powder 3/4tsp
  7. Granulated sugar 2tbsp
  8. Salt 1/2tsp

You can use either all-purpose flour or bread flour, but make sure to measure exact amount. If you don’t have milk powder, don’t worry you can skip it & replace that amount by additional Flour with more milk (about 1tbsp). Also I’m going to activate dry yeast first instead of dumping it with flour. I recommend you to do so, in case to figure out the yeast to expire or not in quality for the use, so that we can skip it from using it, instead of wasting the other ingredients along with it if we use everything together. I’m using my hands for making the dough for the recipe, if you have a stand mixture with paddle attachment or dough hook, you can make it very easily. When everything comes together you can either knead by hand or simply continue beat further.

Steps for making the Dinner Rolls
  1. Add dry yeast & 1tsp of sugar into a small bowl & mix it with lukewarm milk. Cover it for about 15min to active. If the yeast arise at the end, it can be used or if it stay same don’t use it for making the dough, use another batch.
  2. To arises yeast add rest of the sugar, slightly beaten egg & give it a good mix. Set it aside.
  3. In the meantime add milk powder to the sifted flour & mix well. Put flour to the yeast mixture little bit at the time & mix with back of your spoon. (Wooden spatula is ideal for this, which has a small cylinder shaped on its hand) Leave about 1/3rd of flour portion without adding to the yeast mixture.
  4. Butter goes right after the flour & yeast combines well. Still use the back of your spoon to mix in. once all come together add the salt, the reason why we add salt at the last is, salt can be reduce the activation of yeast causing the improper rise in dough. In order to prevent that we add salt in the last, so keep remember that.
  5. Adding the salt to the mixture keep stir for about 1-2 min & then add the rest of the flour to that. Even if you feel hard to your hand keep mixing it with the back of spatula/ spoon.
  6. Keep stirring dough for about 5 minutes & take it out from the bowl to a clean working top. The dough should be a sticky one.
  7. Knead for 5 minutes without applying much pressure on to it. Use a scraper to remove the sticky dough parts from the board. Go on small circles to knead the dough on the board.
  8. Get an oiled or buttered brushes bowl & place the dough in it to become double in size. Cover it. Remember when you doing this, dough should be a soft one that not as sticky which it used to be earlier. It’s okay if it slightly stick to your hand but not too much. It took 45 minutes to get doubled for my dough. If you in a cool climate place the bowl in warmer place like near to your cooker or inside a cupboard.
  9. Grease a 7×11 inch baking pan or 8 inch round baking pan. You can also bake the rolls in a cast iron skillet or on a lined baking sheet. Set it aside.
  10. When the dough is ready, punch it down to release the air. Then put the doubled dough on a flour dusted working top. Knead for about 2 – 3 minutes.
  11. Slightly roll the dough in round shape & cut into pieces like below picture indicates. Since I want to make smaller ones I cut out 12 pieces. It’s ideal for cut into 8 pieces if you are looking for medium size ones.
  12. Shape each piece into a smooth ball. Don’t applying much pressure when you forming the balls.
  13. Transfer those balls in prepared pan & let it arise for second time for 20 -30 minutes. Cover shaped rolls with aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or a clean kitchen towel
  14. After that you can brush the top of these buns with an egg wash to have darker brown. But I leave just like this to have beautiful golden color on top.
  15. Bake them at 175°C for 20 minutes. It’s best to bake the rolls towards the bottom of the oven so the tops don’t burn.
  16. Brush dinner rolls with a butter when it straight out from the oven. Cover it for another 5 minutes to become soft. Then remove from the baking tray.

You can store these Dinner Rolls air tight container at room temperature for 2-3 days or in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

There are different flavors of Dinner Rolls which as easy as this to make. I will post them as another recipe, tell me what you want first. Try this one if you love cheese, to have Cheesy Dinner Rolls; all you have to do is stuff cream cheese or any other cheese chunks into the dough in step number 12 & then let is arise for 30 min, bake. It is a whole new level to the dinner rolls for sure. Today I’m not going to do that because I’m sandwich them in mango jam.     

Serve whatever you like in toping, even though it’s delicious in just like this. I made them to have with Homemade Mango Jam. It’s a perfect combination with your afternoon tea or as a part of a main meal course. Go check up there to make mango jam easily since it’s the mango season. So guys I hope you will definitely enjoy this super cool Dinner Rolls, tell me what you think. See you soon, Bye!

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