Prevention from Covid-19 by Homemade Hand Wash


With the Corona virus outbreak, as human being today our responsibility is to stay safe in behalf of ourselves & our loved ones. Now we all aware of the Corona virus infection & its calamitous effect. (Click here for more details link) as WHO (World Health Organization) stated we can prevent from following basic physical hygiene habits as one of protective measure against the new coronavirus. It is washing our hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water in regularly and thoroughly manner. Because it can kills viruses that may be on our hands. (Refer below pictures)

So today I thought of doing a homemade hand wash liquid easily at home for everyone’s safety. Most of all of us staying at home being social-isolation. While that if we run out of hand wash, this will be helpful article for you. This method only required few ingredients & you can have perfectly fine hand wash liquid at home, plus most importantly it save our money. So guys let’s make this.

For liquid hand wash 2l


  1. Any kind of soap – 100g
  2. Glycerin 1 ½ tbsp.
  3. Hot water – 2cup (500ml)
  4. Room temperature water – 2cup (500ml)
  5. (Optional) vitamin E oil 1 tbsp.
  6. (Optional) olive oil/ sweet almond oil 1 tbsp.

With these amount of ingredients we can make liquid hand wash up to 2l. With this way we can have secure liquid soap for our hands fairly easy manner. For the 100g weighted soap you can use any of your liking, I would like to remind you that choose a good quality soap in balancing PH points while containing acids in terms of betterment for our holistic health. Also for this you can add any kind your favorite essential oil like lavender to have beautiful smell. I didn’t at that to the recipe though, you can use up to 5 -10 drops & it depends on how strong you like to have smell from your hand wash. Vitamin E & olive oil combination are adding moisture to the skin. Also you can add about 1tbsp of honey to softness to the skin.  

Steps to make liquid hand wash

  1. Grate or very finely chop the whole soap to become soap powder consistency. Put them inside a heat prof bowl
  2. Into that add boiling water 1cup in one go. If you need to have color or brighten the color add few drops of food coloring at this point. Mix it very well. Then add another 1cup of boiling water to the mixture.
  3. Cover the bowl with a lid & let it rest for about 15min.
  4. Then start to mix, you can feel, now it is lot easier to mix in than before.
  5. Add glycerin to the mixture & keep mixing. Glycerin is a humectant, which means it has the ability to attract moisture in the air to the skin; hence hand wash feel great to the skin.
  6. Now you have a very liquidly soap base for the hand wash. So we need to keep it rest for at least 3hr covering with a lid before going to further procedure.
  7. After the resting you can see thicken soap texture in the bowl. So that add 1 cup of water mixing to the soap base using your clean hand. At first you can feel it won’t combine with water very much & look like a gel. But keep mixing it as much as you can.
  8. Transfer that mixture to the blender jar & add another 1cup of water to that. If you are going to use vitamin E, olive oil, essential oil or honey add in this point. Keep blend it well till you have a silky smooth texture just like store bought liquid hand wash.
  9. Then store them in old empty hand wash bottles or shampoo bottles. Pour just above 3/4 level of the bottle or otherwise when pressing hand wash won’t be come out easily.  
  10. Store all the hand wash in bottles or it will get thicker in consistency. You can use this liquid hand wash for about 3 – 5 months.


You don’t need to worry about it will keep smell or add to soap add to your food after using your regular blender jar for making the soap. Because after washing blender jar cup for 3- 5 times keep it under sun. The smell or chemicals of the soap won’t stay in the blender jar cup.

After making this I think you will stop buying store bought hand wash, because it is that good. In my family I always make hand wash after founding this method. I tried many other ways also, but this is the best & easy way to make the hand wash according to my experience. When I make a badge I share it with my relatives & now them also waiting for this hand wash & really like this. You can also use 50g of soap to try out the method. Give it a try it is super easy & quick.

After making the liquid hand wash don’t forget to wash your hands in proper manner, especially during this critical time period. Please take a look at below poster & follow that steps when you using hand wash, soap or hand sanitizer.

Applying few drops of our homemade liquid hand wash to your wet hands you can see its cleansing ability while forming bubbly texture. You can feel conditioning power of the hand wash & it is so creamy. This method not only non-toxic to the skin but also it provide benefits like being super versatile (You can make cleaning and body products with the same soap.) & inexpensive (you know nowadays how much cost to buy hand wash bottles for daily usage, but this only cost the amount of soap only. Plus this will last for a while.) really worth these days. This is really easy, anyone can make & it is quick.

Living in a time where being healthy & having good physical hygiene routine is super important, try this liquid hand wash making at your home to make easiness of your life. I think this will be valuable for you. Please let me know what you think about this. So my dear friends be happy. Stay safe. See you again in a new article like this. Bye

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