Recipe for Fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancakes


Japanese Souffle Pancake nothing but a delicate fancy treat like cottony clouds that melt in your mouth in seconds. It is so much comfort food to have as a meal or a desserts which no one can resist to have. These pillowy, soft pancakes are a must-try, it is easy to make following this recipe. You can’t miss the fizzy, bubbly souffle pancakes when you have all the time to make, so guys let’s get start it.

For 6 servings (with the size of 8cm in diameter & 3.5cm in height pancakes)
Ingredients for Japanese Souffle Pancakes
  1. All-purpose flour 90g
  2. Granulated Sugar 45g
  3. Fresh milk 1/3 cup
  4. Vanilla essence 3/4tsp
  5. Large eggs 3
  6. Melted Butter 1/2tbsp
  7. Baking powder 3/4tsp

Even though ingredients for Souffle Pancakes are similar to regular pancakes, it’s a totally new dimension to pancake world. The reason why I said so is it all about the eggs; the meringue similar to the chiffon cakes. Stiff peaked egg whites; gently fold into the batter make extra fluffiness to Souffle pancakes than regular one, because the air bubbles hold their shape inside the pancake batter. End result is the delicious super airy pancake after following its process in making them.

Tips to Make Perfect Meringue (Beaten Egg Whites)

As I said Souffle pancake based on the meringue, the beaten egg whites. I think these tips will help you to have the perfect meringue.

  1. Chill egg whites, yes in most recipes called the room temperature egg whites; chilled egg white bring you the perfect meringue, I’m telling you because I made it & get 100% results at the end. Cold well-refrigerated, or sometimes half-frozen egg whites can make meringue without cream of tartar. Put the bowl with egg whites in the freezer for 15 minutes & start beating. It will contain small and strong air bubbles inside. If you have doubt you can use room temperature eggs with cram of tarter or fresh lemon juice to stabilize the meringue.
  2. Whisk until stiff peak with a tip that folds over. Many of confused to how much it need to be beaten, because a time can’t be specified because the beater that you are using vary from each other’s. Most of the cases it would be under beaten or over beaten & can cause a loss for the both situations. So I would recommend to whip till when you lift the whisk, the egg whites go straight up (stiff peak) and just the tip is soft enough that it folds over, like taking a bow.
  3. Mix in thoroughly with a spatula to fold beaten egg whites into the egg yolk mixture so that you won’t deflate the egg whites & incorporate egg whites into the batter.
Pro tips for the perfect Souffle Pancake making
  1. Beat the egg whites (meringue) correctly. Follow above mentioned steps to have that.
  2. Preheat the pan on the lowest setting for a longer time. Preheated pan at the lowest heat will prevent hot spots (meaning some part of the pan is low heat, some part is too hot). When making that use another flat pan in between the pancake pan & the flame, so pan won’t get direct heat & have the full control over the cooking time and the final result.
  3. Pile up the batter vertically (high), because it’s iconic in Japanese Souffle Pancakes. The key to make lofty pancakes is to add a new pile over the batter on the pan after it starts to form.
  4. Cook slow, covered with a lid, on low heat. Unlike regular pancakes, you will need to cook these thick & fluffy Japanese pancakes for a much longer time. If you use higher heat, the pancakes may look done, but the inside will be too raw. Therefore, steady slow cooking over low heat is necessary. To lock in the heat and moisture inside the pan, cover with a lid.
  5. Add water to create a little bit of steam. It make a difference because it will make moisture inside the pan. Just drop 1 tbsp of water in empty spaces in the pan will do so.
  6. If you want to have a more pancakes, don’t make a larger batch of this by doubling or tripling the recipe. Because the time to get cook the pancake will enough to deflate the air bubbles inside the batter & will start to make the regular pancakes instead of Souffle Pancakes at some point. If you want to have more pancakes, it’s fine to make larger batter & have more pans to cook them, it will do.

Don’t you have the metal ring molds to make pancakes, don’t worry we got your back. Make your own paper molds using parchment paper. Well I don’t have the parchment paper either, so I used a clean calendar paper to make them. In my case I used 28cm × 3.5cm sized strips attaching ends with a tape, it results a circle with 8cm in diameter. For larger size pancakes you will have to get strips that lengthier than 28cm. Remember to apply butter inside the rings before using.

When you fold in egg whites, you might be afraid of breaking the air bubbles and may not mix the batter thoroughly.  I felt the same way and always thought I mixed enough. However, when the egg whites are not mixed in with the mixture thoroughly, they would end up separated in the oven.  As a result, it creates big air pockets/holes inside the batter while being baked.

In today’s recipe I’m adding baking powder also, just because I want pancakes to really stand out their height. If you prefer you can skip it & can rely on egg whites. I even made like that, it is super perfect. Follow the recipe thoroughly I will include some tips for that. Dear Friends, you get it right, I’m not with hidden cheap tricks to blind you, okay! You can trust me, if you have some issues please let me know, I will figure out according to my best of knowledge.

Steps for making Souffle Pancake
  1. Separate egg whites and egg yolks into two different bowls. Whisk the egg yolks for 30 seconds & add vanilla, melted butter & milk. Cooperate them very well.
  2. Get the flour & baking powder, sifted together & then give it a mix.

3. Start beating the egg whites, when the egg whites turn frothy and pale white, gradually add in sugar & whip till it comes to stiff peaks. Don’t over mix it. If you can upside down the egg white mixture, it’s ready.

4. Meantime heat your nonstick pan on lowest flame after brushing some butter on it. I would recommend you to put another flat pan on the flame & then put your nonstick pan on it, that way it won’t get direct heat from cooker & our pancake will be able to cook nicely.

5. Take 1/3 or 3 big dollops of egg whites and add to the egg yolk mixture. Whisk together, you can go vigorously in this step, combine it well.

6. Next, pour egg yolk batter into the egg white mixture & gently fold in without breaking the air bubbles in the egg whites. Mix the batter thoroughly to the point that there isn’t any egg whites on the bowl to see.

7. Now you have two options; you can go either way in making Souffle Pancake, using a ring moulds (metal ones or homemade paper ones) or just go bare. Use a small ladle or a serving spoon that’s bigger than a regular spoon to pour the batter in.

    • If you are using a ring moulds whether it metal or paper one make sure to apply butter on it inside. Place the ring moulds on pan & pour the batter to reach its 3/4th height, that way you can have nice tall pancakes. Remember not to overflow the pancakes in the pan, at max make 3 in one go.
    • If you not using a moulds scoop the generous amount of batter and place on the frying pan. Again stack one more scoop to the first pancake. Then move on to the other two pancakes & give each pancakes to 2 scoops. You can even add one more layer after last layer slightly dries.

8. Make sure to add 1 tbsp of water in 3 empty spots on the pan and cover with a lid. Because water keeps the pancake moist.

9. Wait for 4 – 5 minutes to flip over. Please note that the suggested time is just a guideline and it’s based on the stove and frying pan that I’m using. You can check it by touching the surface of the pancake, if it’s slightly dried its ready & it’s too runny pancake is not ready.

10. Use a spatula to lift the pancake very gently. If you feel the pancake is stuck, don’t touch until they firm up a little. If you force it, the pancake will crack in the middle. When the pancake is ready, you can easily move the pancake.

11. The flip it over the pancakes to cook other side. Take a look & my first pancake it is too brown in color, because I wasn’t paying attention to the time, don’t be like this. You know first pancake is not the always look good, but yet it is tasty.

12. When turning other side make sure to remove the mold from pancake. Carefully shred the paper ring if you used it & let it cook the other side. The flipped side need to be touched the pan, so be aware of that. Also add more water like before & cover with the lid & wait for another 4 -5 minutes.

13. Insert a toothpick when the time is up, if it comes out clean it is ready, if not wait for another 1-2min. Once they are nicely browned, transfer the pancakes to your serving plates.

14. For metal ring mold you have to run through a small sharp knife inside the ring & carefully remove it.

Serve it with anyway you like it to have. You can have fresh cream on the pancakes with berries or dust the pancake with confectioners’ sugar or you can even drizzle with maple syrup with nice butter piece on it. Today I only had pineapple & mangos with me so, I go it with this. You can choose anyway. I’m telling you this is super good & feel so light to have. So make this & tell me what you think.

If you are into more sugary stuff you will definitely love Eclairs, so go & check in there. Guess what I will come up next! See you soon guys!

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