Simple DIY Cookie Box


Hello dears, today I’m going to wrap up cookie box series with homemade box. It is simple and easy, important thing is this contain waste materials like wedding cake boxes. With a low budget you can create match box style grand box for store your delicious cookies. Especially when gifting someone with your tasty cookies it’s important to give in more presentable way. Store brought box to store cookies cost more money, plus we spend lot on ingredients for cookies. So this homemade box for you, because beautiful finishing touch can enrich your quality of cookies in a way that person’s feel. With very low cost you can present a best gift for anyone you love for any occasion birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc. so let’s do this guys.

Things you need:

  • Wedding cake boxes – 16
  • Glue, paper knife & scissors
  • Ruler & decorated papers
  • Clear tape, double tape & ribbon

I used leftover wedding cake boxes because I had a lot from my sister’s wedding. If you don’t have, don’t worry use any kind of boxes with same height, sizes can be vary it’s not a big issue here, because we can adjust them in an order. So be creative. The final product was 35cm × 35cm × 6cm in size. You can use less amount of boxes or more boxes to get your desired output.


Get the bottom half of boxes and place them order.

With a paper knife try to cut sides as shown in picture to appropriate order. Like;

  • With two boxes gathering you need to cut the facing side of both of two boxes.
  • In four boxes gathering order you need to cut facing sides of boxes which means two sides of one box and eight sides in total for all four boxes.

I recommend you to cut sides and attach them with a help of a clear tape instead of going through all the boxes to cut. That way it will easy to understand and chances for make mistake will keep in low rate.

Also don’t worry if you couldn’t get a clear cut & when attaching boxes a gap can seen in between the boxes, because we can cover them with decoration paper. Or if you don’t want to decorate with papers after making it, be very careful when cutting the edges.

After attaching blocks of boxes with clear tape, add decorative papers to get more colors to the boxes. When doing so follow same or similar color theme, otherwise it won’t look professional at the end.

 After that glue decorated blocks of boxes together with glue or double tape in desired shape. If you feel it couldn’t keep much weight, add a thick board underneath the boxes to get more support. If you do so cover that board with same decorative paper.

Then I got leftover invitation cards & cut 6cm wide strips from its decorated place. After that I add those strips all the way around the box because I think it will require more support from sides also. This is an optional step. You can skip this.     

To create the lid for the box I used card boards. In there I made lid with two parts because I didn’t have enough cardboard to get whole thing done at once. Of course you can make at once, and tell you how to do so.

Trace the lines in your cardboard as above picture mentioned. Fold in between lines 6.3cm & 31cm.

Then cutout darker blue area which a square with the size of 25cm × 25cm.

After that get your decorative papers and apply it to the board with the use of glue. Don’t apply decorative papers for one side of 6.3cm area, because it will cover, so it is useless.

When covering the window shaped side, get cutouts of decorative paper strips with the size of 25cm × 3cm. add them to the board & when corners of two strips are overlapping cut diagonal part from those corners & then attach, that’s way board will look clean.

In the window part we need to attach transparent polythene or board underneath the cut, placing upside downing the decorated lid template. Get 27cm × 27cm sized polythene or board, add double side tape around the window to its very edge of cutout. Carefully place transparent polythene on peel of sides and attach completely.

Get two sides of 6.3cm parts & place decorated part on the top and attach them together. The lid was done.

If you wondering how I made lid with two boards, I took top & bottom parts separately. Same way combining two parts & so that it do not need long board to create this. With this lid was completed.

What I did after that was to sealed the cookies with a polythene bag. If you have smallest ziplock bags or cute little paper bags also will do in this.

After covering all cookies I carefully place them on each block of cookie box. Do not over pack, because it may crumble into pieces. Then cover with the lid of cookie box. Now you can see beautifully cookies arranged inside & it’s quite satisfying site to see.

As the final touch tie with a ribbon bow like in the photos.

See how pretty this is? Who wouldn’t fall in love with it? No one can say it’s a cheap box which used the waste materials. Our homemade cookie box is eye-catching & heartwarming gift that anyone would love to receive. With delicious goodness packed inside & with an elegant cover will be able to blow your mind. Try this out for your next celebration occasions to gift someone, it’s unique & heart touching one ever. Simple, easy & quick DIY project is now ready to surprise, are you willing to accept it?

I will come back with homemade project next time, tell me what you want next. Please share your ideas & photos with me, I would like to hear from you. See you guys. Bye!

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