Simple Gift Wrapping Designs in four ways


Hi Welcome my dear friends and wish you all A MERRY CHRITSMAS (late wishes)!!! Today I’m back with a crafting session which is cool gift wrapping ideas in four ways. I had bunch of gifts to wrap around in this Christmas Eve and I thought I should share some with you. I used few different technique to make extra special gifts, try this out. Its super easy and most importantly quick, not all cool ideas time consuming guys, I know you all will be busy with all parties and celebrations running in this time being, but these ideas can turn your presents to be more special with its elegant touch.

Not only for Christmas any other occasions gifts are always needed and same wrapping in each and every gifts, doesn’t sound like so dull? Whether you’re just looking for styling ideas or if you are totally beginner in wrapping gifts, don’t worry you are covered. Show how much you care for your loved one with one gesture from your extra special present.   

All you need :

  1. Wrapping paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Tape (clear tape, double tape)

Design idea number 1:

  1. Get your wrapping paper turn it around and place your gift on it.
  2. To give you a little idea about measurements in wrapping paper I draw a template over it. You can adjust sizes according to size of tour gift.
  3. Get the bottom line of wrapping paper to cover the gift at about 16.5cm from bottom line of the gift. Leave 2cm from top of the gift when start to wrapping. Add clear tape to secure the folding to the gift.
  4. Then as picture indicates tuck small portion from both left and right sides of gift to get four triangle feathers. Make sure to get clean edge when folding.
  5. First get left side triangle feather over to the gift. Secure with a clear tape or double side tape. If there any excess paper left to cover the gift cut it out or fold it out.
  6. Same way do the other right side triangle feather to cover the gift.
  7. Now you will end up with bottom layer triangle feathers, keep going just like before; left side and then right side.
  8. After getting clean edges, turn the gift to your side and tuck extra paper to the inside and fold it cleanly. Attach clear tape or double tape to secure.
  9. To finish the look add a gift tag or heart shape card inside the folded pockets.

Design idea number 2:

For this I used a chocolate box for wrapping. This way of design is recommend for anything with similar shapes to Rectangular Prism or cube.

Follow These Steps

  1. Gather gift-wrapping materials and start to assemble your present, the wrapping paper, scissors, and tape, on a large flat surface. I use below diagram so that you can get idea about how much wrapping paper will need for your present.
  2. Place your gift on wrapping paper just like the diagram. Get right side of paper to cover the gift to the midway. Secure with a clear tape.
  3. Then get left side of paper to cover the gift and fold excess paper to inverts of paper. Make a clean fold.
  4. Point out middle point of the gift and fold both sides from the point inverts to make triangle pointer on middle point. Secure the clean fold with double side tape or hot glue.
  5. Then fold the remaining up and down sides in following way. Get one side and make a fold from triangular folded line of paper onto the side of the box. Make clean edge and fold other two sides inside, then fold again those sides to get triangular shape just like picture shows from below.
  6. Do the same to other side also. Secure folds with the use of double side tape, clear tape or hot glue.
  7. Add finishing touch as your liking. I used a decorative tape with a gift tag on it. If you adding ribbon on the gift make sure that ribbon will cover the middle pointer of folded triangle on the gift and add a bow about 3cm below from that point. It’s the finishing in iconic way of this wrapping style as my preference, of course you are welcome to do more decorations as your choice.

Design idea number 3 :

In this type of wrapping I used a cylinder shape gift. Just like other ways all you need is wrapping paper, clear tape, double tape and decorative items only.

  1. Get the gift on your rectangular shape of wrapping paper. Paper should have enough length to cover the cylinder shape well and should wide enough to cover 3/4 point from circular side.
  2. Get right side of paper and attach clear tape to both paper and gift. Then wrap it around the cylinder shape. Secure with tape or hot glue.
  3. The get top and bottom sides of paper to cover circular sides of gift. To do that carefully make folds just like pleating to cover all face. Secure with clear tape.
  4. Get small size of square shape and fold 2 times to get smaller square. Then fold in diagonally and cut half circle shape from upper side of folded paper. In that way you will end up flower shape just like below picture shows. Cut exactly same size of flower following this way.
  5. Attach those to the circular side of cylinder shape gift after wrapping the gift.
  6. Add finishing touches as you like. I use same color paper to cut out flower and decorative tape. You can cut out flower shape out of same wrapping paper and add a lace ribbon to look more elegant.

Design idea number 4 :

This is my favorite way of gift wrapping techniques. Its simple yet so elegant. You can use rectangular shaped gifts with small in height to cover in this way.

You will need wrapping paper, scissors, clear tape and double-sided tape for this.

Steps to follow:

  1. Cut the paper into slightly bigger than the sides of your gift box and ensure you have adequate length to accommodate pleating.
  2. Turn the paper over to unpattern side of paper will face you. Fold the paper over and over in 2cm folds to create pleats. I made 4 pleats in here and you can do whatever number you like.
  3. Unfold pleats and turn the paper back onto the pattern side. Take the existing folded lines, pinch and gather them to half way before the next fold line to make a pleat. Continue until all the fold lines have been pleated.
  4. Apply a clear tape to secure the pleats from the unpattern side of wrapping paper.
  5. Wrap the box by laying the folds in the center of the top side of the box, making sure the pleats are straight and central. Secure the pleated section to the other side of paper, which you have brought up around the box, using double-sided tape.
  6. Then fold the other two sides. Flip the box over (pleats on the top), push the top layer of paper down and, using your fingers, crease the paper into the corners. Repeat on the other side. Make clean edges when make folds and secure with clear tape or double side tape.
  7. Turn the gift over plats facing on top and pinch each of pleats to have more look.
  8. Add finishing touch with a ribbon and bow. In here I used a heart.

So that is it my dear friends. I will come back with more gift wrapping styles in another post. Look forward for cookie recipe in new post. I will make it soon. Keep in touch my dears. See you soon.

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