Sri Lankan Kokis – rosette cookies


For all of us as human beings now we are at the edge of a crucial moment facing to a terrible epidemic; COVID-19 that flip over our daily routines completely. So that all celebrations were canceled due to confirm our own safety & we had to be social isolated for ours and others protection. As per Sri Lanka, our main cultural festival “The Sinhala & Tamil New Year” restricted to celebrate within only our family members escaping the large group celebration events. In a time like this we don’t clearly go for all the way focusing on the festive vibes, but I want to show you guys a simple way of celebrating with easy Sri Lankan Sweet Kokis.

Today’s post for just as a documentary purpose & please don’t get offended due to this. If you have these ingredients you can make this. Or either way go through the article, to make best Kokis/ Rosette Cookies for next celebrations.

For Kokis 125 – 135

  1. Not parboiled white rice (kekkulu haal) 1100g or white rice flour 1250g
  2. Grated coconut flesh 990g (from 1 & 1/2 coconuts)
  3. One egg
  4. Sugar 1tsp
  5. Salt 1/2tsp
  6. (Optional) Finely chopped curry leaves 1/4cup
  7. (Optional) turmeric 1/2tsp

Foremost you need to have a good Kokis mold/ Rosette cookie mold to make these delicious snacks. If your mold isn’t very fine smooth surface it won’t be able to make Kokis or the cookies. After buying the mold from market please give it a go, don’t try to use once get from shopping. Now there are different shapes of non-stick Kokis molds are available in the market.

Steps to make Sri Lankan Sweet Kokis | Rosette Cookies
  1. Soak not parboiled white rice at least 2 hours before grind it. Let it drain the water by putting rice on a strainer about 20 – 30min.
  2. Then further drying put them on a paper & spread out evenly for another 20 – 30min. add them into your grinder & get the rice flour.
  3. Sift rice flour, to that add salt & sugar. Give it a mix & keep it aside.
  4. Get coconut flesh & squeeze the coconut milk from it using little amount of water. I used about 1cup. The amount depend on the nature of the coconut flesh, if its too dry you need to add more water or if its watery enough use this much of water. Try to use 1st and 2nd extract of coconut milk in here. Because thick coconut milk is the key for tasty of the Kokis. If you are using canned coconut milk add less amount of water that it instructed.
  5. Add slightly beat 1 egg to the flour mixture & mix well using your clean hands.
  6. Then add little amount of coconut milk at a time. Mix well. You need to have silky smooth consistency batter in here. So that once you check on back side of the spoon, it need to be transparent & easily dripping.
  7. Since I like curry leaves with a crunchy bite of Kokis/ rosette cookies I add finely chopped curry leaves in here. If you don’t like you can skip it. When making rosette cookies if you wish to serve with chocolate syrup or dusting sugar, you cannot use curry leaves. Use curry leaves for another batch of cookies to serve.
  8. Add curry leaves & stair to combine well.
  9. I usually don’t like to add turmeric powder hence it will absorb air to the Kokis or rosette cookies so that it will no longer can kept. In traditionally Sri Lankan Sweet Kokis always use the turmeric powder.125

How to fry Sri Lankan Sweet Kokis | Rosette Cookies

Today we used a wood stove which can save the electric bill & gas. In our home we are using this cooker once in a while for an emergency. It is very useful that I want to share with you guys. Usually I don’t recommend stuff, but this is an exception. Thumbs up. Try this out, when you going on shopping. Let me tell you that; unless you can find & get wood in fairly easily manner, buying this cooker will not be a wise choice, or otherwise it will be worthwhile, give it a go.

01.Put a pan with coconut oil/ vegetable oil on a medium shove. In traditionally they used a pan that made out from Cheenachatti consisting material of Copper Tin Zinc alloy which is good to health when cooking food. It control the heat well. Or use heavy bottom pan for this.

02.Add a little portion of Kokis batter to small bowl. After 1-2min put one drop of batter to the oil. Once the bubble is pop out from oil, its ready to go.

03.Then get the mold & put it in the oil to heat up 1-2min.

03.After that put the Kokis mold on the batter without covering the whole mold. You need to dip it just above the half way. If you covered it completely you unable to remove the Kokis off the mold.

04.Put the coated mold over the oil. You will able to see oil will bubble up for 5-10 seconds. Wait till then give mold a little shake, so that Kokis will remove easily. As soon as doing that place your mold on that Kokis for another 10-15second, so that you can have shaped perfect Kokis.

05.Repeat the process continuously.

06.You need to flip the Kokis once they turn into pale in color. Remove from oil when it turn out to golden brown color.

Look at the below image. In left side there are perfectly shaped cookies & in right side there are misshaped Kokis without having pleasant finishing look. If you follow the above mention method correctly you won’t end up Kokis like in right side of the picture. Neither don’t let it to over fry nor don’t keep the flame on high. So keep eye on it. Also don’t let heat to be too low hence it will absorb oil too much being on the submerging on it.

As you can see on its surface there is a bubbly texture don’t worry, its normal because we used the grind rice at home, so it look like this but healthy & delicious. When frying the Kokis, make sure to give a mix once in a while because it will thicken up. So keep it ready to use coconut milk whenever it needed, before you are going to fry the Kokis. After frying the first Kokis, make sure to taste it, & add salt if its required. Don’t over fill the oil with Kokis | Rosette Cookies, give it a space to fry. When making Kokis for 1st time, use 1/4 quantities from above mentioned recipe to avoid inconveniences.

You can also add chili powder to have savory Kokis version also. To get loved by children you can add food coloring to the batter to have colorful Kokis/ Rosette Cookies. Also you can add condensed milk to the Kokis recipe to have more creamy & sweet texture bite. For 300g of rice flour you can add 3tbsp of condensed milk. This will be ideal for Rosette Cookies & sweet lovers.

Sri Lankan Sweet Kokis | Rosette Cookies are simple yet very enjoyable snack that everyone loves. Especially in occasions & celebrations. In this time make these at home if you can, celebrate the New Year with your family, stay at home. be safe!!!


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