Sri Lankan Mixture Bites


Hello dear friends, as per today’s recipe I bring you a very popular Street Food | snack recipe, it called Mixture Bites. Most of my recipes till now contain meal ideas, sweets, desserts or appetizers; so I thought this time I need to share a snack recipe. Mixture Bites are very easy to make & only need few ingredients. Homemade version is my favorite because it’s healthier than ones that coming from small stalls of street vendors.

I’m going to share with you guys two different ways of making Sri Lankan Mixture Bites, as usual. Because I want you to know there are many option to make same recipe but identifying those at all one place is quite hard; but in my blog I want to have that so you will be able to customize your own version to satisfy your cravings. I sincerely hope that it will useful to you, even though an article gets long; please correct me if I’m at wrong as with the comments I got from you guys I’m assuming it is okay too.

In India they make this Street Food | snack of mixture bites as a festival food for Diwali. Perfectly crunchy bite with lovely munch. It has everything you could ever ask from a snack – spicy, salty & crunchy. Let me warn you before going for the recipe, this is an inescapable snack recipe; okay? Get prepared to nibble all the time just like me.  

If you wondering what’s on besides the mixture bite on image, its cinnamon tea. Which is amazing drink to have, its healthy & provide many benefits to us. In next post I will share cinnamon tea recipe with you, comment down if you need any other recipe besides that too.  

Now let’s get begin today’s recipe dears, shall we?  


Method 01

This method for making gorgeous Street Food | snack is the simplest one & much easier one considering the other method. There are many other recipes to make mixture bites which mostly contain hot oil to make the dough, since mixture bites are deep fried snack additional oil for the recipe doesn’t sound much healthy right? But I will include that in the notes too if you are interested in that.


For about 350g of Mixture Bites
  1. Gram dhal flour 1 cup
  2. Packet rice flour 2 cup*
  3. Salt 1 ½ tsp
  4. Coconut milk or Water 1 cup


  • You will have to use the packet rice flour for mixture bites. Packet rice flour comes with different brand names to make rice flour recipes like string hoppers, hoppers or roti. Don’t use rice flour from grinding the soaked rice just like we did on the Sri Lankan Pittu Recipe because it won’t work in this.
  • Use hot oil 3 – 4 tbsp when making the dough if you prefer. (Make sure to reduce that amount from water quantity.)
  • For a much favorable mixture bites you can use coconut milk to make the dough, that doesn’t need to be thick just like Rosette Cookies | Kokis.
  • Chilli powder can be also used in the dough too. Turmeric is also adding to the dough too, but adding turmeric will absorb the air to the bites creating moisture in after it fries that resulting a soggy and limply mixture bites.
  • Also you can have 1:4 ratio from Gram dhal flour & rice flour, that will make way better than bites, but it is not for me. Do try if you like in that way for this recipe you will need;
  • Gram dhal flour 2 cup
  • Rice flour ½ cup
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Water ½ cup or more


Steps to make the mixture bites
  1. In a mixing bowl add sifted dhal flour & rice flour.
  2. Add salt & combine them well.
  3. Gradually add in water or coconut milk to the flour mixture.
  4. Don’t tempered to add water in one go, use little at a time. Mix all together using a spatula.
  5. Here comes two options again;
    • Once you can see all can get together, use your clean hand to make a dough. Nice playable soft dough should be formed in here, when you touch the surface that shouldn’t be sticky. Keep aside for about 5 minutes covered.


    • Keep use your spatula, but I would like to recommend use back of wooden spatula which practically a stick to make a batter. Yes unlike other option, in here you have to form a very thick batter. When you touch the surface it shouldn’t stick to your hand. To be honest it’s a mess in the bowl but most of time we make it like this way, it’s a fool proof way for me.
 Frying the mixture bites

On either way your prepared dough should go to a string hopper making machine or a murukku making machine.

Technically speaking any other hand held kitchen utensil that comes with multiple holes like this to make pasta, spaghetti works on here.

Back into the frying; 

  1. Get a medium sized pan which has length, pour oil (vegetable oil or coconut oil) reach to just above the center of pan over medium flame.
  2. Lightly brush oil mold of the machine & on the disc. Insert the disc onto the machine.
  3. Put some portion of dough/ batter making it into a cylinder shaped or by spooning to mold. Don’t fill it all the way through, just get it into ¾ of the machine. Cover with the top part and keep aside.
  4. Check the oil temperature by adding a small tiny bit onto the oil, if it comes up gradually and steadily on top, the oil is hot enough to fry.
      • Dough droplet comes up instantly, oil is too hot; please get flame to lower.
      • Dough droplet sticks to the bottom of pan or comes up very slowly, oil is not hot enough; wait a little longer till it gets to perfect temperature.
  1. Checking the temperature of oil is important because it really matter to the frying of any kind of food without burning or not letting it absorbing oil too much.
  2. Press the machine directly on to oil & let dough strips to fall into the oil. Machine that I’m using need to press down other machines may require different technique like rotating, it depends; so whatever it calls for do that moment while going circle over the oil.
  3. Don’t over crowd the oil adding too much dough onto oil, when oil just covers stop pressing more dough in.
  4. Break the dough strips that attach to the bottom of the machine by a spoon, knife or your index finger.
  5. Once you added them in do not touch them immediately with the slotted spoon, these bites need to fry about minute or two just like this; that will ensure the crispiness of bites.
  6. Turn over with the slotted spoon, as they combined together it will be easier to do so. Again let if fry for about 1 to 2 minutes.
  7. Flip it over a couple of times for even frying until they become golden brown. When doing so turn over entire round shaped mixture bite as one piece, so there won’t be small parts in the oil which is lot easier to remove from oil.
  8. Remove golden colored bite strip piece with a slotted spoon, drain off the extra oil while doing so.
  9. Place that onto a paper towel to absorb excess oil from them.
  10. Fry all the bites just like this.
  11. While other is frying on the oil break the bites into small strip pieces & transfer on an air tight container or box, so that it will keep its crispiness well.


Assembling the mixture bites

There isn’t such a thing as assembling in Street Food | snack of mixture bites, just need to put all things together that’s all. However to do that you will need some ingredients prepared for that, those are;

  • Curry leaves 8 – 10 sprigs
  • Peanuts ½ cup
  • Sliced garlic ¼ cup
  • For seasoning: salt ½ tsp, chilli powder 1tsp (Adjust for your taste)


  1. Get the curry leaves dried, don’t wash it just before frying it will be a mess flying hot oil all over the place. So wash springs of curry leaves & let it dry placing it on a kitchen towel, remove water if there is with a paper towel. After frying the bites put curry leaves on to hot oil, let it fry for 30 to 40 seconds & remove from the heat. Place on a kitchen paper towel to remove excess oil.
  2. Same way fry peanuts till they are crisp and crunchy. Put back on another kitchen paper towel to getting rid of extra oil after frying. Cashew nuts can be also fried if you like to have them on mixture bites.
  3. Drop the sliced garlic pieces on to hot oil, let it fry for about 1 to 2 minutes till it become golden brown. Similarly transfer fried garlic on a paper towel remove excess oil from frying.



This is my way of having my favorite Street Food | snack; homemade mixture bites, you can have it however you want it with additional fried nuts or few verities of Murukku types.


One final step:
  1. In a large bowl or plate take fried ingredients which a small pieces of mixture dough strips, peanuts garlic & curry leaves.
  2. Season the whole mixture with salt and chilli powder, for a touch of sweetness add in ¼ tsp of sugar if you want to.
  3. Get all together by a spoon or using your hands. My way of doing this is to put them on a large container that has a lid on it & shaking the container for few times to coat bites with spices.
  4. That’s it you will have the addictive Street Food | snack on your hand.
  5. Store them on an air tight container, it can last up to 2 to 3 weeks if these snacks left in which is pretty hard statutory.
Method 02

My dearest’s mother is the person whom told me about the recipe, she made me a large portion of mixture bites and its pure satisfying snack ever. Super yummy guys, I’m telling you that is a storm for sure, so addictive that method 01 recipe.

Key for the recipe of Street Food | snack is coconut milk gravy, what? Yes! We are making dough of mixture bites using coconut milk gravy. Hard to believe but that’s the secret & the star of the recipe of method 02 in mixture bites. All of you whom doesn’t know about coconut milk gravy aka we called it as Kiri Hodi, it is very traditional Sri Lankan food recipe made out from coconut milk to serve as a side dish with rice, coconut Pittu, string hoppers or even with breads. Now I will include how to make a coconut milk gravy before going for further steps. (I’m sorry friends article is getting longer)   


Recipe for Coconut Milk Gravy
  1. Thick coconut milk ½ cup (1st coconut milk extract)
  2. Thin coconut milk 1 cup (2nd & 3rd coconut milk extract)
  3. Chopped red onion 2tbsp
  4. Chopped green chillies 2
  5. One sprig of curry leaves
  6. Two Pandan leaves 3 inches wide
  7. Cinnamon stick 1 inches wide
  8. Fenugreek seeds 1tsp
  9. Turmeric powder ½ tsp
  10. Salt ½ tsp
  11. Lime juice ½ tsp
Steps to make coconut milk gravy
  1. Into a sauce pan add all ingredients except for thick coconut milk & lime juice. Cush the all ingredients by hand to release the flavor easily to the gravy.
  2. Over low heat stir continuously for 6 to 8 minutes, otherwise milk will be separate from water which make curdle texture. We don’t want that here, so make sure to stir really well, it is must.
  3. Pour the thick coconut milk onto that, again stir continuously till it just reach to boiling point.
  4. Cook further stirring well, you will be able to see gravy is getting thicker. Do taste if it’s not salty enough add more salt in
  5. Remove from the heat, stir for 30 to 40 seconds more.
  6. Let it cool down a little to add lime juice & again mix.

That’s the creamy coconut milk gravy, you can even add Maldive fish for the gravy to have better taste in.


Steps to make the mixture bites | method 02
  1. First let the prepared coconut milk gravy to come to room temperature.
  2. Strain the gravy once it cools through a sieve collect the liquid. If you can mash the leftover ingredients to get release more liquid, it will be so good.
  3. As per the method 01 quantities & ingredients you can make the dough or thick batter, following above mentioned steps thoroughly.
  4. Fry the prepared mixture on hot oil.
  5. Put all the other ingredients just like assembling in method 01 in here too.



Friends this fabulous Street Food | snack is unbelievable nibble food recipe with perfect crispiness & lovely munch. My family love this recipe whichever method used in, we even steel from others too. So we have to use separate containers for each members. But it won’t be last more than 2 days not to mention we kept eating it all the time.

Perfect for tea time or lovely family moment or friends to have chit chatting. Make a jar of this delicious Street Food | snack to your loved ones. Even the recipe deep fried & contain some oil, its way better than artificial snacks on the stores. Have a fun while making this with your family too.

I hope today you enjoy the recipe & comment below your experience while making mixture bites. See you soon with cinnamon tea recipe guys, Bye!   

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