The Most Popular Sri Lankan Street Food-Kottu


Miss the taste of restaurant Kottu, have it your own at home. Living in a time where social isolation need to keep up to prevent from COVID – 19 disease; stay at home for most of the all-time. Hence all of you cannot buy Kottu at these days; when you have all the time in whole world on your hand try this one. It is super easy & have exact taste from star quality restaurant. Foremost I want to tell you that this is a short cut method of Kottu. Original recipe of this street food made from godamba roti, which take much time to prepare. As my recipe I show you how to do that easily & quickly at your home, in another article I will share with you the original recipe. So stay with us. So guys let’s do this.

Today recipe is for Egg Kottu. In these days, if you using any other meats like chicken, pork or beef please cook thoroughly using enough black pepper & chilies; just to be safe as protective countermeasure. Don’t use shallow fried meats in there, I recommend you to first cook the meat giving it enough time & then cut it into small pieces & add to the Kottu. If you want fried meat in your Kottu, again cook well then fry to have crispy edges, don’t just dump meat directly into oil to fry out.

For 4 servings
Steps to make roti:
  1. Add sifted flour, salt together in a bowl & give it a mix.
  2. Make a wall in center of the mixture & put the egg. Add some water into that also.
  3. Getting flour on the sides of the wall, start mixing it. Always remember to go through the center of wall & combining flour on the sides to it. That way you won’t get any flour lumps.
  4. When flour can’t be seen on the mixture add more water till you get smooth consistency. You can check right texture by back of the spoon, if mixture is transparent on the back of the spoon it is ready to go.
  5. If you got flour lumps beat the mixture to remove the lumps.
  6. Then cover the mixture about 20min to rest. After the resting give it a quick stair & if mixture become thick you need to add more water to get right consistency.
  7. Get a pan, place on a medium shove & add big dollop of roti mixture, then rotate the pan to get round roti.
  8. After 1-2min flip it over & again cook further 1-2min. again flip twice giving 30 second for one side to cook. You need to have brown spots on your roti to cut small pieces easily, otherwise it will sticky to handle when cutting in.
  9. Make all roti from the batter. You can choose sharped knife or clean scissors to cut roti.
  10. Get 3-4 roti placing one another. Cut into half. Place one halves on the other. Then start cut small strips evenly. Then rotate those strips to horizontally, cut into small pieces.
  11. Before putting roti pieces into a bowl, without putting much pressure give it a crush. So that roti pieces will not stick together.
  12. Cut all roti like this. Keep aside.

There are lot of varieties of Kottu, use any other meat, vegetables, cheese or string hoppers to have your favorite Kottu. Tell me if you want other recipes of Kottu, I will do that in next article. In this recipe I used some of vegetables that filled in my fridge in these days & can’t keep for any long to use, so I decided make a use from it by making a Kottu. Also you can use any other vegetables to make it happen, if you don’t have cabbage just skip it. Make a twist & choose your vegetables & its’ quantities, Kottu can bring you a good bounce to your daily meals that everyone will love.

Steps for make the Kottu: 
  1. In a large pan add oil or butter on medium shove. Then add finely chopped onions. If you have leeks, you can save onions, so skip onions. In this time being change yourself to make a use of frugality, it will be beneficial for your financial status.
  2. Add curry leaves & Pandan leaves to that when onion is transparent/ oil is hot enough. Then add ginger garlic paste to it.
  3. When onions & ginger garlic paste turn into light brown color, add slightly beaten eggs. Even if you making any other Kottu, add one egg because it will bring good flavor to the Kottu.
  4. Stir it in time to time to have scrambled eggs. Then add carrot, cabbage & spices. Also add 1-2tbsp of water/ soy sauce/meat gravy to the mixture. Give it a good mix & cover it with lid for 2-3min to boil it. If you finely chopped vegetables it will take this much time or if vegetables become thick in size it will get more time. Also the time may differ if you use other vegetables than this.
  5. Add leeks at last. Give 1-2min to cook further. The reason why we didn’t add leeks before is it will overcooked with other vegetables, because leeks can quickly cooked.
  6. Then put all roti pieces & stair to combine all together. Taste it add more species if required & Kottu is ready to go.

 In restaurants they put all on a heated Kottu grill & combine all together with stainless steel two plates making a rhythmic sound. If you do have those equipment you can make in restaurant style at home. At least if you can find two plates, get them to your both hands & apply pressure in Kottu chopping the mixture. Dosa turner stainless steel spatula is ideal substitution for this.

Kottu is an amazing treat for your taste buds. It is most of everyone’s favorite for sure. The important thing in this recipe is we can make it our home in healthier way without adding inappropriate flavorings. I think you all will definitely love this, have it with your family while it’s hot. Super delicious… can’t help but fall for more. Once you taste it you will immediately know, why Kottu called as most popular street food in Sri Lanka. 

(Well guys, I’m truly sorry for not being able to share the pictures of making Kottu. I got pictures from my phone & when I was transferring them to my laptop, in some case it hadn’t done properly, so that I lost those pictures!!! It was an accident, and I’m still so sad about it. Since I wrote the recipe in beforehead I thought sharing with you. I hope you guys don’t mind. I won’t let that happen again to disappoint you, so guys stay with us…)

Next time I will come back with the original Kottu recipe, await for that. Stay safe & be happy! See you guys. Bye.


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