The Best Christmas Gift Ever, A Homemade Cookie Box


Looking for special gift for someone to give on these festival season, I’m telling you a homemade cookie box works best. Who don’t like to eat cookies right? Tired from shopping worrying what should you buy to gift, with a satisfactory feeling; try this out. It is very special because the one who made is all you. So everyone will appreciate your thought very much once they saw it, isn’t it lovely? If you think OMG, can I really make this without any failure. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Most important fact in this is we can make these little cuties fairly easy. Whether you are total beginner in cooking or not, don’t have any doubt this can turn into a master piece. Easy, simple and very quick!!! What we need more? You definitely need to try this out.

This is the surprise which I told you in earlier post. Guys I made entire cookie box by myself, including the box and cookies. It was for my dear love on our anniversary. He was so surprised as well as his whole family, they loved it. Me and my family also tasted cookies and we also liked it very much. It contains with few verity of cookies, those are;

  1. Butter cookies
  2. Chocolate cookies
  3. Chocolate butter strip cookies
  4. Cashew nut cookies
  5. Coconut flour butter cookies
  6. Chocolate crinkle cookies
  7. Decorated butter cookies
  8. Non-baked chocolate cookies

Hence I got good comments on this I thought I should share with you guys. A cookie box is the perfect gift for any occasion be it Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, valentine Day or whatever. While all vibes in festive feeling rushing in I think you will love this cookie box. If you like the idea let me know in comments below, I will surely make new post for it. I do have many things to show you like making cards, gift wrapping ideas and making gift boxes. Tell me which you want first…

See you soon…

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