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Are feeling trapped at the home being bored nothing to do? Cooking is the one of best way to spend your valuable time with your family. Even though we all in a battle against the novel corona virus infection, we need to set our mind relax while being safe & alert. So that I thought sharing this mind blowing delicious recipe to reach you out, let’s be happy in this social- isolated moment. It’s simple, easy with few ingredients we can have the moist the best cupcake at home; plus anyone whom has 0 experience in baking these simple vanilla cupcakes just for you to have a successful starting point.

Before going through the recipe I want to remind you that measure exact amount of ingredient & you can decorate with any kind of frosting to make it another level. Following my recipe you can have moist delicious cupcake with just the perfect balance in sweetness, if you want to have sweet cupcake go ahead & add more sugar up to 250g & hence I don’t really like to have this tasty bombs to be much sweet I always use that amount. Also let me remind you; if you wish to decorate cupcakes with any kind of frosting, I highly recommend you to use below sugar quantity, otherwise it will turn out to be super sweet. Even you like it though please try to conserve from sugar because we all want to live a healthy life at the end. So let’s go for it.

The amount of cupcakes from this recipe depends on the size of cupcake papers, mine was medium in size & each one of them weight 50g – 60g after bakes. So keep that noted as well.

For 24 cupcakes


  1. All-purpose flour – 260g
  2. unsalted butter – 250g
  3. regular granulated sugar/ powdered sugar – 200g
  4. large eggs – 3
  5. baking powder 2tsp
  6. vanilla essence – 1tsp
  7. salt – 1/4 tsp

Steps to make cupcakes:

  1. At the very first get your flour & shift it together with baking powder & salt. Give it a quick mix & Keep aside.
  2. Preheat your oven at 180°C for 10min. Place cupcake papers in a cupcake tray or cupcake tins like I did in here.
  3. Get your room temperature butter & beat till it turn into light pale color to double in volume. (This step I suggest you to do if you want soft goodness as final product. room temperate butter is a must, if you forgot to do in beforehead microwave it 1min or cover it in a bowl to 20min before using.)
  4. After that add sugar/ powdered sugar to it & beat till it becomes light & fluffy.
  5. Then add eggs one at a time, give eggs a little time to mix well to the butter mixture. Then add vanilla & again beat well.
  6. Then switch to a spatula or wooden spoon & add flour to the mixture. Be gentle & fold carefully without losing much air in the batter. At this point you need to have smooth batter that will run through the spoon with little effort in the end dripping of the batter. If not you can add 2-3tbsp of milk to the batter & fold to have right consistency.
  7. Scoop the batter into the cupcake papers and fill about 2/3 the way up & it will roughly take 1 1/2tbsp amount of batter.
  8. Bake at 180°C for about 40 – 45 minutes or until the centers JUST spring to the touch.

Allow cupcakes to cool completely. If you want to decorate wait till it’s completely cool enough.

Ingredients for cup cake
Ingredients for cup cake
Ingredients for cup cake

For decoration you can use any kind of frosting like American buttercream, meringue based buttercream (Italian/Swiss) or French buttercream (it is so much tasty, I love it). Use any kind of flavoring like chocolate, vanilla, coffee or strawberry etc. you can decorate with colorful sprinkles, grated chocolate/ chocolate syrup, nutella, cherries, fresh fruit slices, decorate with flowers using piping tips or even you can use fondant icing to have beautiful end product. Also you can use cupcakes & decorate it to turn into fall apart cake. I will share with this pictures to you to get inspired with new ideas.

vanilla cupcake
vanilla cupcake
vanilla cupcake
vanilla cupcake
vanilla cupcake
vanilla cupcake
vanilla cupcake

Another day I will post another recipe for chocolate cupcake, red velvet cupcakes. What you want next, let us know. If you make cupcakes, I hope you will definitely do; please send us here. I will love to see & hear from you.

Again please stay safe, be supportive, be smart, be alert, let’s defeat this COVID – 19. Have a good time with your family, build strong relationship, and be happy. Love you all. See you soon!

Recipe : Recipe for Vanilla Cake​


  • Alicia D Muse

    Soinds easy and I will give it a go, can’t wait for that.

  • Thanks for an amazing recipe!!

  • Sarah Kapoor

    I love this recipe, the cupcakes are so light and tasty. Just wondering how we can alter the recipe to make chcoclate cupcakes?

    • Hi Sarah, You can simply add chocolate powder or melted chocolate to the recipe, by doing that keep the consistency as recipe calls for. We will post a recipe for chocolate cupcakes very soon. Check that also.

  • Hi! I’m looking forward for your chocolate version of these cute cupcakes.

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