The easiest rich and creamy homemade ice cream


Hello guys, today I’m with a homemade ice cream recipe, this is one of my favorite dessert that I  keep making; so I thought why don’t I share with you, because if you a sweet frozen dessert person this is your recipe guys, check it out. Can anyone ever turn down a scoop of rich and creamy homemade vanilla ice cream? Not a chance, plus this is the easiest recipe for ice cream without a machine or pricy ingredients. You already know there are lot of verities of ice cream recipe are all over the internet & they make great ice cream, but don’t get me wrong; in order to make 1l of ice cream we have to spend way more than money just for the ingredients, it’s good to have experience, not good for economical statues I think. My homemade ice cream is the great recipe that can make things simpler and not more complicated in the kitchen wherever possible in any aspects. So I come up with two different ways of making ice cream in super affordable price & it’s easy.

What makes it even better is that ice cream is so simple to throw together you can make all of these flavors at home, once you make this you will able to adapt for whichever add-ins as per you’re cravings. Get ready to welcome the summer with rich, creamy, delicious and decadent ice cream. Without further delay let’s jump to the recipe.

Tips for making perfect ice cream
  • The creamy texture of ice cream depend on beating style, especially beating time, beating speed & number of beatings. Method 01 calls for beatings 5 times whereas method 02 calls for 3 times. So follow whichever the method thoroughly.
  • Before freezing the ice cream you need to get freezer maximum cool level in the refrigerator at least 20 minutes earlier on.
  • Once you store the ice cream in the freezer make sure not to open the freezer frequently, because it will be a reason to law quality ice cream.
  • Take the ice cream after it fully set, 5 – 7 minutes beforehead to serve in.    


Method 01

This method contain few more additional steps other than method 2, but it is the secret to be creamier than the other. It require 5 times of beating for about 5 minutes in regular intervals which is 2 hours to freeze the ice cream. Even though it look like a hassle but only need 5 minutes beating for every 2 hours for 5 times, so it is easy nothing more than that & you will be able to get rich & flavorful homemade ice cream. Follow instructions & consider the pro tips to get best results, in order to get fully idea I added pictures in each & every steps; especially in beating procedure as before beating & after beating so that you can have clear picture on how much it need to be beat to have perfect ice cream like I did.      

To get 1.8l ice cream
  1. Fresh milk 500ml
  2. Milk powder 4tbsp
  3. Warm water 1/2cup to dissolve the milk powder
  4. Gelatin 1tsp
  5. Warm water 30ml to dissolve the gelatin
  6. Corn flour 2tbsp
  7. Water 30ml to dissolve the corn flour
  8. Sugar 150g
  9. Vanilla essence 1tsp
  10. Yellow food coloring

End results of this recipe is a not too sweet ice cream, it taste well balanced. You can even add less or more sugar to your taste.

Steps to make ice cream


1. Dissolve milk powder, gelatin & corn flour with water that recipe calls for. Make sure to you use room temperature water to dissolve the corn flour, or otherwise it will make lumps in the mixture.


2. In a sauce pan put fresh milk over medium flame. Its temperature should be reach to 40 before we are going to add sugar, milk powder mixture & corn flour mixture. If you do have candy thermometer it is the best to use in here, if you don’t have one like I do; touch the warm milk using your finger & you need to feel hot, not burning hot in there, then it’s ready.

3. Add sugar, milk powder mixture & corn flour mixture while you continuously mixing it.

4. Wait till milk comes to boil while mixing on medium flame, it will take about 8 – 10 minutes or so.

5. Once milk start to boil turn off the flame & add the dissolved gelatin, food coloring right away. Let it cool completely after giving it a good stirring.

6. Transfer prepared ice cream base on a tall large bowl, because it will be formed well when the process go alone.

7. Ice cream base need to be beat for 4 times & here how it is going on.

    • 1st time: Start beating it in high speed for about 5 minutes. Since the mixture is too liquidly it can go everywhere, to prevent that we can cover bowl with two clean wraps leaving a small gap in between them & put beater in that space to beat the milk up. so that milk won’t be fly away. Cover the bowl & put it in the freezer for 2 hours.
    • 2nd time: As you can see it is thicker than before & start to set lightly on its surface. Again beat for 5 minutes in high speed. Then put back into the freezer for 2 hours again.
    • 3rd time: Now it is creamier than before & when beating you can see it hold it shape like below picture indicates. Once it’s done put in the freezer for 2 hours.
    •  4th time: Our ice cream base is now set well & you can feel it’s hard to beat again, but do beat in high speed for 5 minutes.

(Normally it need to beat for one more time to get best results, but my beater was died at the last step, so I wasn’t able to do one more time. However I did beat well & had the texture I was looking for in the step 4, so I was much relieved; ice cream turned out really well as you can see in the pictures. But you must beat for 5 times to get the rich creaminess from ice cream.)

8. Transfer the ice cream to air tight container & freeze for 6 -8 hours. Ice cream filled in all the way in the container, it had 1.8l amount. You may be able to get more ice cream or less than that, because it did depend on the way of your beating, so follow the instruction thoroughly.

Method 02

Method 02 call for less ingredient & less beating times, it can also results a creamier ice cream if you do follow instruction in definite manner. 3 times of beating required with freezing time of 2 hour in between each beatings for this method.

To get 1.3l ice cream
  1. Milk powder 4tbsp
  2. Hot water 1 ½ cup to dissolve the milk powder
  3. Gelatin 1tsp
  4. Hot water ½ cup to dissolve gelatin
  5. Sugar 4tbsp
  6. Vanilla essence 1tsp

Similar to method 01 this ice cream is also not too sweet one & have well balanced taste, if you do want less or more sweetness; you can always adjust the sugar quantity as per your choice.

Steps to make ice cream

1. First dissolve gelatin without forming any lumps in hot water 1/2cup.

2. Then move on to the milk powder & dissolve that in 1 ½ cup of hot water along with sugar.

3. Mix gelatin into the milk, also adding vanilla & food coloring. Let mixture to cool, I put a plate with water underneath the jar that I used in here to cool more quickly.

Note: For this method it recommend to use tall & large jar to beat well. You can see in the 2nd time of beating I had to transfer it to another bowl, so get a larger one to avoid that circumstance like I did in here.

4. Now ice cream base is ready & need to go for the beating.

    • 1st time: Just like method 01, first we have to beat a liquidly base for about 5 minutes in high speed. To avoid milk flying all over the space try to cover it with two clean wraps as I said in earlier. Freeze for 2 hours.
    • 2nd time: Ice cream base look thicker than before & you can feel it so light when we start beating it. Also it will be double in volume, take a look at the below picture you can see how it turned out. Keep in the freezer for another 2 hours, after beating for 5 minutes in high speed.
    • 3rd time: Now you have a creamy half set ice cream base & beat for 5 minutes in high speed. Mixture will be increase further when you do beat it. Pour the mixture into an air tight container & put that in freezer for 6 – 8 hours till it completely set. As you can see mine reach just below the 1.5l, it nearly about 1.3l ice cream just from milk powder 4tbsp.

Those both ways for the plain vanilla ice cream & if you do want to have flavored homemade ice cream follow these steps.

Once you mixing gelatin into the milk mixture on both methods you can add;

  • Unsweetened cocoa powder 3tsp to have chocolate ice cream.
  • Instead of vanilla essence you can add strawberry essence with rose colored food coloring to have strawberry ice cream.
  • Almond essence also can be replace vanilla essence along with chopped cashew nuts, peanuts, dates & plums to have fruit & nut ice cream. Remember to add chopped nuts just before transferring it to the air tight container not in the beginning, because beating cannot be done well if there is nuts in the mixture.
  • Fresh fruits also add to the ice cream base after beating it for necessary times, so that it will be not in the way of beating the ice cream. Finely chopped mango, pineapple & berries can be used as fruits, but pineapple & berries should be add after putting chopped fruits in simple syrup for few minutes; so that ice cream won’t taste sour.
  • Here is the fun part. You can divide plain ice cream base into two & add two different flavors. When once flavor well set you can add other flavor on the top of that. It will be tricky so be careful if you doing so.

As always today also I gave you all the tips & tricks to have ultimate homemade ice cream. Super easy to make plus it only need few ingredients which on the every kitchen counters, so I hope you will definitely try this out. If you love ice cream I do have more ice cream recipes in here, so check them also.

Don’t forget to tell me how your own homemade ice cream turned out. Wait for more delicious food recipes, till then bye guys.


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