The most amazingly flavorful chocolate tres leches cake


Hello guys, chocolate tres leches cake is one of my favorite cake & this time I’m with a simple recipe to make it fairly easily. This is the ultimate treat for you if you are in love with chocolate & moist cakes.  The dessert is drenching with three forms of milk which are heavy cream, evaporated milk & condensed milk to give the amazing flavor. Significant in this cake is the cake is shine itself & you don’t want to frost it to complete the look, however you can decorate it with whipped cream as the classical way; but in here I used my homemade vanilla ice cream on the top when serving. Make a twist & this is your cake guys.

Tres leches cake is a popular dessert in many Latin American countries and the Caribbean as well. It is a sponge type cake known as a butter cake. Cake calls as tres leches because it’s soaked in three types of dairy or milk which are sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and regular milk (or heavy cream if you like it extra rich). You can either serve it with leaving the extra milk on the top of the cake or topped with freshly whipped cream layer.

The recipe calls for chocolate also, but I didn’t use any, because I make this lockdown period so I hadn’t a chance to buy chocolate. I’m recommending you to use chocolate since it will enrich the flavor into another level. In case you are wondering why the cake look so small, I made a small one using the half amount of ingredients. So let’s get start it.

For about 16 servings
Ingredients for chocolate tres leches cake
  1. Cake flour 100g
  2. Unsweetened cocoa powder 40g
  3. Chopped semi-sweet chocolate 30g
  4. Baking powder 1 ½ tsp
  5. Sugar 120g
  6. Egg yolk 2
  7. Egg whites 2 + lime juice/ lemon juice ½ tsp
  8. Hot milk 130ml
  9. Butter 70g
  10. Salt ½ tsp
Ingredients for the milk bath
  1. Hot milk 120ml
  2. Heavy cream 70ml
  3. Condensed milk 50g
  4. Cocoa powder 3 tsp
  5. Chopped semi-sweet chocolate 25g
 Ingredients for the whipped cream
  1. Heavy cream 250ml
  2. Melted semi-sweet chocolate 60g
  3. Sugar 2tbsp

For the recipe I didn’t use evaporated milk & instead of it I used regular milk, you can replace regular milk from evaporated milk, it’s your choice if you like it to have extra richness. I leave the chocolate whipped cream part here, because I know lot of you guys would like to decorate it with thick layer of cream on the top of the cake.

Use best quality cocoa powder to get best results. Cream of tartar can be also used instead of lemon juice to stabilize the egg whites. All-purpose flour able to use in place of cake flour, but consider to use cake flour because it will give the smoothness to the cake well.

Steps to make the chocolate sponge cake

1. First melt the chocolate & butter together and set aside to cool completely.

2. Whip the egg whites until stiff peaks forms on it. Into the egg whites add lemon/ lime juice or cream of tartar & start beating it. Once eggs start to foamy gradually add sugar 1tbsp at a time.

3. In another bowl add cocoa powder & hot milk. Beat for 1-2 minutes to bloom the cocoa powder, it is necessary because it will intensify the chocolate flavor of the cake.

4. Then eggs goes in there, make sure that milk & cocoa mixture is cool enough or otherwise it will cook the eggs if we add eggs while mixture is hot. Melted butter & chocolate powder also need to add in here. Give it all a good mix.

5. Flour mixture which sifted baking powder, salt together with cake flour need to put in the milk batter & mix till they incorporated well, don’t overmix the batter.



6. Put 1/3 of meringue to the batter & combine well. Then pour the mixed batter to the rest of meringue & gently fold it till they combine well. You will feel that the cake batter is quite loose than a regular cake does, it is completely normal & that’s exactly what we want.

7. Transfer the cake batter into prepared baking tray. 7 inch square pan or 8 inch round pan will works fine in here.

8. Bake preheated oven at 160℃ for about 25 – 30 minutes. Once cake is done do the toothpick test & if it comes out clean the cake is ready.

9. Allow cake to cool about 5 minutes on the pan & then remove from the pan upside downing it. Let the cake to cool completely.



Steps to make the chocolate milk bath
  1. In a jar add cocoa powder & chopped chocolate, into that pour the hot milk. Keep mix it till chocolate dissolve completely. You can also add chocolate flavored milk in here.
  2. After that add heavy cream & condensed milk. Stir it well to combine all together.


Assembling the chocolate tres leches cake
  1. Get the cake once it’s cool down completely & using a fork poke lot of holes on it.
  2. Pour the prepared milk bath all over it, placing the cake on a baking tray again. Even though it seem to be lot of liquid, you need to have it all in order to get delicious cake.
  3. Cover the cake & put in the fridge for at least 1 hour to absorb the all the liquid.
  4. As I said if you prefer you can serve just like this leaving excess milk on the top of the cake or decorate with a whipped cream layer.


Steps to make whipped cream
  1. In a cold bowl add your cold heavy cream, sugar & melted chocolate. Start to whip till it become medium peaks.
  2. Or you can use cocoa powder & heavy cream to get chocolate whipped cream.


Steps to complete the final touch
  1. Cover the cake with thick layer of whipped cream & smooth the top. You can do trim the sides to be prettier presentation or leave it just like that, it is completely up to you.
  2. Dust the cake with cocoa powder or chocolate curls to decorate the cake. Even you can drizzle with chocolate syrup over it too.


The cake taste best the day after it makes, so that cake has time to enrich its flavor more. You need to keep the cake in the fridge & take it out just before it’s going to be served. Cake can be last up to 4-5 days, cake becomes more flavorful as it’s stored. I would like to suggest once you refrigerate cake pull it out and then top it with the whipped cream because making whipped cream is actually really easy & took only few minutes to do so.

Chocolate tres leches cake is dream of every chocolate lovers, because it is that good. This super delicious cake can’t be ignored, so definitely give it a go. Even recipe calls for few extra steps than a regular cake, they are all super easy & it will worth it once you taste it. Moist, creamy & chocolaty cake can make any day better, tell me if you agree only after making this. Click up here for my other cake recipes, they are all super tasty & lovely.

See you again with delicious recipe like this, till then bye guys!


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