The Perfect Pizza Dough Recipe


Hello guys, it’s the pizza time & I bring you the perfect homemade Pizza Dough Recipe. As you all know pizza is the most popular authentic food recipe to serve in anytime, because there aren’t any one who wouldn’t love to pizza right. Hence I included in our sheet pan food recipe series. In today’s recipe I’m going to show you how to make the recipe as professionalist & easy way to have without many efforts took in. go through the article to find out new tips & tricks.  

Make this pizza day ahead of time at least 24 hr in advance to rise the dough to do the process of yeast fermentation, so that it will have much better texture, better crust & even it easier to digest too. plus the dough can be refrigerate up to 5 days, the longer it rest the taste become better & better. So keep that in mind too.

For 2 large pizzas about 10 inch diameter
Ingredients for the Pizza Dough Recipe
  1. Warm water 200ml
  2. All- purpose flour 300g
  3. Instant yeast 5g (1 ½ tsp)
  4. Vegetable oil 2tbsp
  5. Salt 1tsp
  6. Sugar 1tsp

Regarding the ingredients;

  • The water should be warm, neither hot nor the cold. Yeast need warm environment to active, hot water will deactive the yeast whereas cold water won’t be able to active the yeast. So use the water with temperature in between 38°C – 40°C.
  • Bread flour or 00 flour can be used in place of AP flour with same quantity.
  • Instead of instant yeast you can use fresh yeast 10g or active dry yeast 5g too.
  • As per the oil you can use olive oil, canola oil or coconut oil too.
  • Sugar can be replace if you do have honey or treacle with same amount.
Steps to make the Pizza Dough Recipe

I’m going to include the recipe in detail when we use hand to knead the dough first & then I will note down how to do that using a stand mixture too.

  1. First we need to active the yeast, so in a clean bowl add dry yeast & sugar. Pour the warm water into it & give it a mix. Cover it for about 10 min in a warm place.
  2. In a large bowl add sifted flour & make a well in the middle. Into that add yeast mixture & oil. Mix all together to combine using a firm spatula.
  3. Once all comes together add salt & give it a good final stir.
  4. Use your clean hand to well combine all the ingredients keeping dough on the bowl, mix about 2-4 min. then transfer the dough onto a floured work space & start kneading it about 7 – 8 min.
  5. When kneading don’t apply much pressure or don’t stretch the dough longer. At first it will be quite sticky mess, but continue the kneading it will be least sticker than before.
  6. If you can firm a smooth ball & when touching the surface if its bounce back you are ready to go.
  7. Grease a bowl with oil & place the dough on it applying oil on it top. Cover it & let it double in size for 2 hours in warm place.
  8. After it well raised get the dough onto a well-floured working top. Don’t knead the dough just gather all them up to cut into equal 2 parts.
  9. Get one of dough & shape it into a ball by pressing the dough against the working top (there shouldn’t be any flour when doing this). Make the other one just like so.


To get professional end cut, you can fold each piece of dough in half 8 times. It’s like a book fold, all you have to do is gently pulling the sides over the center, then turning the dough each time and repeating for 8 folds. At last form a ball in your hands, put the seam side facing in the down.

  1. Transfer prepared small pizza dough balls in whatever you prefer in a lightly oil greased bowl, cover and refrigerate for at least overnight (18 hours). In this stage you can keep them up to 5 days in the refrigerator. Just make sure that you cover it very well or otherwise dough will dry out.
  2. To bake the pizza remove the dough 1 hour before using to let it relax and come to room temperature.
  3. Before forming the pizza crust, you need to fully preheat your oven so pizza can be baked right away. Place a pizza stone or inverted baking sheet onto the center rack of the oven and preheat to 250°C.

There is other way if you don’t have a pizza stone & you want to have super crusty pizza, obviously baking sheet doesn’t give crustier pizza like pizza stones do. So in order to have one we can put the baking sheet or castle skillet into the preheated oven for 20 min, it need to be really hot.

  1. After the 24hr later get the beautifully risen pizza dough onto a semolina dusted or corn meal dusted work top. (You can use flour if you don’t like to have crust from semolina or corn meal)
  2. Start to spread out the dough into a round shape, use your fingertips to spread the center of the dough leaving 1inch wide space in the edge. Do not use rolling pin here, because we need to have air pockets to get high quality pizza.
  3. Then lift the dough over both of your knuckles and roll your knuckles under the center of the dough, working outward as you rotate the dough along your knuckles and leaving a thicker crust at the edge.
  4. Make the dough like this to get your desire size, when we doing this the center will be thin & edge will be remain thick just like good pizza. However desired size mean don’t keep going to have larger pizza than 10 to 12 inch wide, because it can be tier in the middle.

Also when placing the dough it well be shrink a little so keep that in mind too.

  1. If you do have a pizza peel great, place the dough down on a lightly floured pizza peel. Give the pizza peel a little shake to make sure the pizza slides over it and is not sticking. Or place the pizza working top.


If you do following the way of getting a crustier pizza without pizza stone, get the hot baking pan from the oven & put that on a low flame. Carefully lift the pizza dough & put it on the baking sheet. Add your pizza topping over here. Wait till the edges turn into golden brown & put back into the preheated oven in 250°C center rack for about 10 min.

  1. Prepare the pizza by spreading sauce and toppings & once again give it a little shake if you are using a pizza peel. Then slide the pizza onto the preheated pizza stone & bake preheated oven in 250°C center rack for about 10 min.

Stand mixture is much easier to make the dough if you do have one to use, all you have to do is;

  1. Mix the flour, salt, and remaining then dump into the water mixture and attach the dough hook.
  2. Run the mixer on a medium speed until the dough comes together, you can see that dough is looking pretty smooth and firm, then it’s ready. Follow the other process in above as it says to get perfect pizza.

That is all for the high quality pizza dough for you. Now if you don’t have much time for preparation you can do it like this. Ingredients & measurements are same as above recipe, only the procedure will be change to have best Pizza Dough Recipe.

  1. Follow the above instruction as step 7 says, knead & rest for 2 hour covering it.
  2. After the dough get doubled in size divide into 2 equal parts.
  3. Skip the keeping the dough about 24 hours step & continue making the pizza.
  4. After flatten the dough you can add sauce & topping as per your taste & bake.

That’s for the easy Pizza Dough Recipe, also if you having a hard time on flatten the dough by knuckles, (I’m not going to lie it is quite tricky one to get that right) simply you can roll out the dough using a rolling pin & then make a boarder by fold it under then pinch it to secure it. But you need to expect that there won’t be big air pockets in the crust when you cutting into, because rolling the dough kill those air bubbles. Choose whatever you prefer to go with it will be still delicious, because this is the best Pizza Dough Recipe for you guys to try out. In next post I will sharing with you my favorite pizza with two popular pizza sauce recipes, so be await for them.

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