The Perfect Refreshing Summer Treat; Mango Sorbet


Hello guys, today I’m with a delicious creamy dessert that everyone will be longing for; it is Mango Sorbet. Since this is mango season I thought of sharing many recipes that can made out of mangoes. (I hope you don’t get bored it.) Mango sorbet is an ideal summer treat in my opinion, you know beautiful   color of mangoes always capture the wonderful summer influence. Even though its rainy season in here I want to share this creamy dessert with you guys because most of you will hopefully welcome summer in the middle of June this year. This creamy frozen treat can wash away all the tiredness & brightens the mood in a flash. If you love mangoes, this is your recipe guys. Did I mention that it is super easy to make with every household items in 5 min? Yes all you want is a blender & mango, lime/ lemon & little bit of sugar, that’ it. Go through the article you will get to know new tips & tricks when making mango sorbet. So let’s jump in to the recipe.

For about 6 Servings
Ingredients for Mango Sorbet
  1. Fresh mango cubes 600g
  2. Sugar 1/4 cup
  3. Water 1/8 cup
  4. Lime/ lemon juice 2-3 tbsp.
  5. Salt 1/4tsp

The servings is hard to figure out, okay. If you fall in love with mango sorbet this entire thing may be yours right? (It happens to me though) This is really addictive recipe guys, it so good.  

Tips for Mango Sorbet
  • The recipe I’m sharing with you guys is with the use of frozen mangoes. You do have two options make frozen mangoes at your home or buy it from a grocery store. I highly recommend you to make at you home, that’s way we can have best quality mangoes for the recipe because  sometimes store brought frozen mangoes tend to be sour & not very good for the sorbet.
  • Know your mangoes. As I said when you making sorbet it is best to know the quality of mangoes, because there are lot of different varieties of mangoes & texture of those are significant from each other. So before making any dessert or any other thing its best to know your mangoes before applying it into food recipes. So that you can adjust the sweetness according to it, of course it doesn’t have to be same as the recipe calls. (Sometimes cutting sugar from recipe can infect the structure of the food that you are making, if so it will mention as prior notice in many recipes from anyone, so be aware to that.)  
  • Make sure you use beautifully ripe mangoes to get the best possible flavor.
  • You have to use either glass bowls or metal bowls to store mango sorbet, so that it will set quickly. When choosing bowls it need to be freezer safe because all glass bowls cannot use for freezing, it will mentioned in label of your glass bowl, so pay attention to that & it is a must. Also all the metal bowls are not healthy for storing the mango sorbet either, because mango has some acid content, it can react with the metal if you not using the correct ones. You can use bread moulds or some baking trays to that.
  • If you wish to transfer mixture to a plastic storage container and freezer in your freezer until firm, at least 4 – 6 hours.
  • Freeze the container you plan to store it in before you put the sorbet or ice cream in it. It’ll freeze much more quickly and reduce the amount of iciness in the sorbet.
  • Sometimes you can encounter when making homemade sorbet that it can become hard and icy if stored for any period of time. To prevent that add 1tbsp of some sort of high alcohol content liquor like tequila, rum, or vodka (optional) or if you don’t want to use alcohol use 1tbsp light corn syrup (It won’t be as effective as alcohol to prevent iciness, but it will help) to the sorbet.
  • The lower freezing temperature of the alcohol keeps the sorbet from getting too icy, if you don’t plan to eat the sorbet right away.
Steps to make Mango Sorbet
  1. Let’s start with making frozen mangoes.
    • Cut into mangoes about 1/2inch wide cubes, I used about 5 of medium sized ripe mangoes.
    • Place them on a zip lock bag or baking tray align with a parchment paper. Cover baking tray with an aluminum foil if you using one. Make sure to flatten the pieces, so that it will easily freeze. Plastic container doesn’t help much because plastic isn’t a heat transferring medium as other options, but If you don’t have other option rather than it make sure to flatten the mango cubes on without piling it & freeze longer.
    • Put covered mango cubes in the freezer at least 8 – 1o hours. Plastic containers need to keep in freezer way too long than this.  
    • What we looking for is icy mango cubes that are feel toughness to the hand when we touch it. So wait till then.  

Take a look at this picture this, mango pieces wasn’t solid enough to use for recipe. even you feel coldness to your hand it have to rest more in the freezer. 

2. Next goes simple syrup making step. This is the first step if you are using store bought frozen mango pieces.

    • In medium low flame put a pan with sugar & water in it.
    • Keep stirring until sugar dissolves & it will take 2-3min.
    • When sugar dissolves, slightly thicken the syrup & lightest color change happens turn off the shove.
    • Transfer to a bowl & set aside to cool. Simple syrup is now ready.


3. Let’s make the sorbet mixture.

    • Take your clean blender jar or a food processor. Add frozen mango pieces, sugar syrup, lime/ lemon juice & salt to it.
    • Blend it till become smooth mixture.
    • You can directly serve it now or transfer the mango mixture to an ice cream tub or an airtight container; cover and freeze until firm.

I used a plastic air tight container to store the sorbet, because I used it in next day so there will be enough time to set in. 

  • Even if you don’t have a powerful blender, you can still make this. The only different is you have to add more syrup for to blend & freeze for 3-4 hours then you can serve.
  • Simple syrup can be replace with some honey, if you got good quality honey use it in here, taste will be fabulous.
  • Mangoes are naturally sweet, if you don’t want Mango Sorbet to be less sweetness, then you can skip from using any sweetener not even raw honey. Instead of that you can add little warm water when blending it. (About 1-2 tbsp)

There are many variations of Mango Sorbet, this is the easiest & simplest way of making the frozen dessert. Tell me if you want more recipes like this I will be share with you. If you like dessert like this checkup my creamy custard mango pudding, it is easy as this & so delicious.


This Mango Sorbet is made with fresh fruit plus this is dairy free. For a hot summer day or anytime I think this definitely will be one of your favorite desserts that you can enjoy with your family & friends. Try this out & tell me how it turn out for you. Till next time bye guys!

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