The Satisfying Dessert: A Creamy Semolina Pudding


Hello friends after some time I’m back! As Christmas Eve in just around the corner, I thought sharing delicious dessert with you, it is the Caramel Custard Semolina Pudding. You will know it will be super easy to impress your loved ones and only require couple of ingredients to make it happen, at the end of this post. Because this dessert quite delicious but not too heavy; the perfect balance in sweetness and creaminess which we all crave in for a sweet tooth in a healthy way.

In a glance you can find it’s similar to a caramel pudding/Crème Caramel or Flan, that so true not by the looks but in flavor too. Only different is that Flan is much sweeter than this Semolina Pudding. The sweet steamed dessert is prepared by using semolina, milk and custard powder/ egg. Today I’m sharing the eggless version of this pudding, that’s why I’m using custard powder – you can use egg if you like of course; in another post I will make the egg version of semolina pudding also.

This melt in mouth dessert will ready before you know it, so guys let’s start!


For about 6 Servings

In a 6 inch diameter pan

Ingredients for this Semolina Pudding

  • Milk – 500 ml or 2 cups
  • Sugar – ½ cup
  • Custard powder – 2tbsp
  • Water – ¼ cup
  • Vanilla Extract – 1 tsp
  • semolina – ¼ cup
  • Sugar – ¼ cup (for caramel)


Steps to make the Semolina Pudding
  1. First grease a pudding pan with butter. So that it won’t stick, when you take the pudding out.
  2. Then we need to make the caramel. For that take sugar in a sauce pan cook in medium flame till it turn into light amber color or golden color. To prevent from crystalizing the caramel do not mix sugar with a spoon, what you can do is swirl the pan few time; that’s it.

3. As soon as caramel is ready, carefully pour it into a pan and swirl the pan quickly to have a well coated layer of caramel in the pan. Let it cool down.

4. Pour milk and sugar into a sauce pan over medium flame and bring it to a boil.

5. Meanwhile in a small bowl make a slurry of custard powder with water. Mix it well and keep aside.

6. Once milk is boiling we need to add semolina to it. You need to keep stirring the milk while you adding the semolina or otherwise mixture will form lumps easily. So whisk vigorously while adding and after adding in order to have smooth mixture.

7. Cook the mixture for 2 to 3 minutes. Keep whisking till then.

8. Then pour custard slurry after mixing it to the pan, because custard powder can stay in bottom of the bowl.

9. Again you need to whisk vigorously in order to prevent from curdling.

10. In this point add vanilla and pinch of salt, whisk until mixture becomes thick consistency.

11. When it reach to thick batter like consistency pour hot semolina mixture to prepared pan.

12. Give the pan few good taps for distribute the pudding mixture evenly on the pan.

13. Cover it with an aluminum foil and place the pan in a steamer and steam for 30minutes.

14. Insert a knife or tooth pick to see whether the pudding is cooked after 30 minutes, if not leave for few more minutes.

15. After that let it cool down and keep the pudding in refrigerator at least for 4 hours.

16. Now the pudding is well set and unmold from the pan to slice it.

17. Serve and enjoy with your loved ones.

  • Even little amount of semolina is used, it is all needed, so don’t add more than this.
  • You have to cool it completely at least for 4 hours before unmolding.
  • You can store Semolina Pudding in fridge up to 4 to 5 days.
  • Follow instruction on point to have smooth texture in pudding without any lumps in it.
  • To empower caramelized flavor on the pudding, you can use same pan for making both the caramel and pudding mixture.
  • If you want more caramel for serving. What you can do is place the pan over the heat and cook for few more minutes with little bit of water if it needed to get liquidly caramel again. With that you can serve more caramel with a pudding slice.
  • Also you can use 1tsp of cardamom powder if you like spices in this dessert. Do try variations in addition to this classic recipe and make your own dessert.


Tip for the day: If you have trouble in removing crystalizing on the pan which used for making caramel; all you have to do is after using caramel on the dish pour hot boiling water on to the pan. That way we can clean pan very quickly.

This Semolina Pudding has a smooth texture unlike the Crème Caramel which is why even the both dessert look so alike, they bring two different flavors. If you looking for some dessert without too dense, creamy and light one; this is for you.  Dessert look gorgeous, with the caramel, of course if you don’t like caramel you can skip it too, even so taste will be so yummy.

I have shared Crème Caramel Recipe on my blog before. If you interested check out it, I have all tips and tricks gathered on that recipe.  

As with current global pandemic we have to celebrate Christmas Eve, putting health situation first. Accordingly we have to enjoy this time with small gathering of friends and family. I Hope you will give this a try to brighten the celebration with new taste in your table. And let me know how it turns out for you.

See you guys in next recipe very soon, if you do have any requests do not hesitate and reach out for us, we will make it happen just for you!

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