The Tasty Sweet Banana Fritters Recipe



Hello guys, today I’m with yet another delicious snack recipe; it is Banana Fritters. These fried golden perfection are full of flavor combination with crispy coating outside & sweet warm banana from inside.

As always today I’m with two different option too, whichever caught your eye; its going to be divine. However I’m sharing detailed recipe for both in way, but I prepared banana fritters in my favorite way.

  • Thai style banana fritter recipe
  • The classic banana fritter recipe


Moreover the both recipes resulting a luscious banana fritters, that are entirely different from each other, but those two options are quick & easy. They will ready before you know it.  

I found this recipe is a one of best ways to use your ripe bananas. Also instead of trying popular traditional banana bread all time to make use of ripe bananas you can try my Banana Custard Cake which is surprisingly the delectable easy cake from this fabulous yellow fruit.

When choosing bananas, you have to choose a banana which contains a tasty flavor profile, especially in Sri Lanka we have many varieties of this highly nutritious fruit. For my experience you can manipulate;

  1. Plantains
  2. Anamalu bananas (Gros Miche)
  3. Ambun bananas
  4. Sour plantains

Let’s begin making banana fritters in Thai style.


Method 01:
Thai style banana fritter recipe

It’s called as fried bananas aka gluay kag which is a popular snack in Thailand. And my favorite because the star of the recipe is the crispy coasting that using here, a scrumptious batter I’m telling you.


For about 24 pieces
  1. Sweet plantains without skin 250g
  2. Fresh shredded coconut 1/3 cup
  3. Rice flour ¾ cup
  4. Granulated sugar ¼ cup
  5. Salt ½ tsp
  6. Baking powder ½ tsp
  7. Toasted white sesame seeds 2 tbsp
  8. Water 1/3 cup
  9. oil for frying


  • 250g of banana without peel is about 2 large plantains or bananas. Here is the deal if you want to be sweet you can use overripe bananas (in plantains skin turn out black when it ripens, so choose at 70% black plantains to go with) or if you want to have less sweetness you can choose ripe bananas that are almost there.
  • I mentioned in earlier too, the flavor content of bananas are very different from each other, so there isn’t one method to describe the sweetness inside in particularly. Know your bananas before you applying them for the recipe, it is best practice to avoid nasty taste.
  • Use dried shredded coconut if you can’t find fresh coconuts for the recipe by soaking them in 2tbsp of hot water for about 10 minutes before using.


Steps to make the Banana Fritters in Thai style
  1. In a bowl add in all ingredients in one go & pour water. Stir well until they fully combined. The batter should be a thicker one to coat.


2. Peel of bananas cut off the edges. Cut in half or 3 equal sections in lengthwise and then cut each piece into three or four horizontally. You need to have a ¼ inch thickness for each piece that you are cutting.


3. Heat the oil in a pan about 180℃. Put a tiny bit of batter into the oil, if it come up oil is ready to fry.

4. Dip the bananas into the batter, coat them with batter completely and fry for about 3 – 4 minutes, until they are a deep brown color. Use a fork or a tong for that, its lot easier in that way.

5. Drain the excess oil placing fried bananas on paper towel or a rack. And Thai Style Banana Fritters are done.


  • If you want to ensure the crispiness from outer layer stays well, fry them on low temperature. You know first frying batch make large bubbles on hot oil. Otherwise what will happen is fritters turn into brown color quickly without having much time to dry the batter which means not crispy. Giving them enough time to fry will determine the crispiness of the outer layer of fritters. Hence batter contain sugar it can easily browned too.
  • Decide if you want a thicker or thinner coating by adding more flour or water, checking the end results of banana fritters.
  • Batter itself is so delicious when it frying, so don’t throw away if you left with batter on hand, fry them to have as a snack.
  • Also let bananas cool for few before serving, it will help to crisp up once the coating once cooled a bit. Serve as soon as they are cool and crisp.
  • Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days.


Method 02:
Classic banana fritters recipe

Mostly common recipe for banana fritters, I will include few suggestions that I will find work best in here too. Scoop of vanilla ice cream is perfect combination for these banana fritters.   

  1. All-purpose flour 1cup
  2. Sugar 1tbsp
  3. Baking powder ½ tsp
  4. Baking soda ¼ tsp
  5. Salt ¼ tsp
  6. Water ½ cup
  7. Vanilla extract 1 tsp


Steps to make the classic banana fritters
  1. Make a thick batter combining all ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. Similar to earlier mention way cut the bananas or you can simply cut banana into 4 pieces. (A large banana). If you cutting into 2nd mentioned way you will be only needed less amount of batter for coating. Even before making batter decide how you want to shape the bananas.
  3. Coat the banana pieces in the batter.
  4. Fry the bananas in hot oil till they get browned color.
  5. Place them on a paper towel to remove excess oil after frying the bananas.
  6. Serve while it warm with scoop of vanilla ice cream.


  1. For the batter you can add ½ tsp of ground cinnamon & ¼ tsp of nutmeg to make lovely batter with spices.
  2. Some recipes call for egg & milk as liquidizer to make the batter. Experiment using those in the batter too because they it can make batter even tastier.
  3. Please refer notes in previous method to have Perfect Banana Fritters.


I really love to have Banana Fritters with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce. Drizzle in some honey or dust with powdered sugar to serve if you like. Tell us what is your favorite combination? These wonderful Banana Fritters will be your addictive delectable snack if you tried in those ways. Make a batch of Banana Fritters for you family & friends, they definitely love these satisfying pleasant fritters.

That’s it for the today’s recipe guys, I will see you soon with simple food recipe like this. Bye for now!

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